Data table and figures


Generations in Canada

Table 1 Generations in Canada, 2011


Centenarians in Canada

Figure 1 Number of centenarians by sex, Canada, 2001 to 2061

Figure 2 Rate of centenarians (per 100,000 persons), G8 countries, 2011

Figure 3 Rate of centenarians (per 100,000 persons), provinces and territories, Canada, 2011

Generations in Canada

Figure 1 Percentage growth in the annual number of births, Canada, 1921 to 2008

Figure 2 Portrait of generations, using the age pyramid, Canada, 2011

Figure 3 Proportion (in percentage) of children born during the baby boom period, by birth year of mother, Canada, 1896 to 1948

Figure 4 Proportion (in percentage) of children with baby boomer mothers, by birth year of children, Canada, 1961 to 2008

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