2011 Census of Canada: Topic-based tabulations

Topic-based tabulation: Household Type (17), Household Size (9) and Structural Type of Dwelling (10) for Private Households of Census Metropolitan Areas, Tracted Census Agglomerations and Census Tracts, 2011 Census

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General information

Catalogue number :
Release date :
November 21, 2012
Topic :
Structural type of dwelling and collectives
Variables :
  1. Geography Geographic Index
  2. Structural type of dwelling (10)
  3. Household type (17)
  4. Household size (9)


Note: Household universe

The household universe pertains to the person or the group of persons (other than foreign residents) who occupy a dwelling and do not have a usual place of residence elsewhere in Canada. Household variables are distinct from dwelling variables, in that the latter ones pertain to dwelling characteristics, not to persons occupying dwellings. For additional information, please refer to the 2011 Census Dictionary, catalogue number 98-301-X.

Note: Private households

Private households exclude the households or usual residents of collective dwellings, both institutional and non-institutional. Since 1976, tables of private households exclude private households outside Canada, that is, those of Canadian citizens and landed immigrants (permanent residents) who are abroad either on a military base or attached to a diplomatic mission; such households are included in counts of total households.

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