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Two options are available for downloading. The first download option includes the data as seen in the data table. The second option, a comprehensive download file, includes all geographies within a specific geographic hierarchy and all available topics. For more information on available file formats, refer to Information regarding available file formats.

Option 1: Download data as displayed in data table
Geography and topic File format
  • Geographies:
    • Kitimat, District municipality [Census subdivision], British Columbia
    • Canada [Country]
  • Topic(s): Aboriginal peoples; Education; Ethnic origin; Families, households and marital status; Housing; Immigration and citizenship; Income; Journey to work; Labour; Language; Language of work; Mobility; Population; Visible minority
Option 2: Comprehensive download files

Note: The comprehensive (CSV, TAB, SDMX) files have been temporarily removed as we are reviewing the data for the "Commuting destination" variable in the Census Profile. They will be re-instated as soon as possible. The "Commuting destination" information has been removed from the IVT files.

Geographic level File formatFootnote 1
Canada, provinces, territories, census divisions and census subdivisions IVT
80,230 KB
Census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations IVT
4,544 KB
Census metropolitan areas, tracted census agglomerations and census tracts IVT
116,643 KB
Census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations and census subdivisions IVT
21,891 KB
Canada, provinces, territories and federal electoral districts (2013 Representation Order) IVT
10,859 KB
Designated places IVT
18,385 KB
Population centres IVT
19,181 KB
Economic regions IVT
3,243 KB
Forward sortation areas© IVT
37,149 KB
Aggregate dissemination areas IVT
107,220 KB
Canada, provinces, territories, census divisions, census subdivisions and dissemination areas IVT
931,565 KB


© This data includes information copied with permission from Canada Post Corporation.


Footnote 1

Some of the data sets are large and require special consideration during processing in order to successfully make use of them.

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