Dictionary, Census of Population, 2016
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Release date: November 16, 2016

Figure 1.1 Hierarchy of standard geographic areas for dissemination, 2016 Census

Figure 1.2 Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) hierarchy

Figure 1.3 Statistical Area Classification (SAC) hierarchy

Figure 1.4 Example of a cartographic boundary file and a digital boundary file (provinces and territories)

Figure 1.5 Example of census consolidated subdivisions (CCSs) and census subdivisions (CSDs)

Figure 1.6 Delineation Core rule

Figure 1.7 Forward commuting flow rule

Figure 1.8 Reverse commuting flow rule

Figure 1.9 Spatial contiguity rule

Figure 1.10 Historical comparability rule

Figure 1.11 Example of a merged census metropolitan area (CMA) and census agglomeration (CA)

Figure 1.12 Example of a census metropolitan area or a census agglomeration, showing core, secondary core, fringe and rural area

Figure 1.13 Example of data retrieval with user-defined boundaries

Figure 1.14 Example of a map projection and unprojected coordinates

Figure 1.15 Example of blockface and dissemination block representative points

Figure 1.16 Manual adjustment rule

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