Dictionary, Census of Population, 2016
Inexperienced labour force

Release date: May 3, 2017


Refers to unemployed persons who, during the week of Sunday, May 1 to Saturday, May 7, 2016, had never worked for pay or in self-employment, or who had last worked for pay or in self-employment prior to January 1, 2015 only.

Early enumeration was conducted in remote, isolated parts of the provinces and territories in February, March and April 2016. When enumeration has taken place before May 2016, the reference date used is the date on which the household was enumerated.

Statistical unit(s)

Person 15 years or over


Not applicable

Reported in

2016 (25% sample); 2011Note 1 (30% sample); 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986 and 1981 (20% sample). For availability prior to 1981, please refer to Appendix 2.0.

Reported for

Population aged 15 years and over in private households

Question number(s)

Derived variable: Questions 30 to 35


Not applicable


Occupation, Industry, and Class of worker data are not collected for the inexperienced labour force. This segment of the population is therefore included in the 'Not applicable' category.

See Figure 6.1 for the components of population and Labour force status variable.

For information on the comparability of the 2016 Census labour force status data with those of the Labour Force Survey, see Appendix 6.1.


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