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The Census Program provides a statistical portrait of the country every five years. The 2016 Census Program includes the Census of Population and the Census of Agriculture. For upcoming release dates, refer to the 2016 Census Program release schedule.

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Population, 2016

(2016 Census of Population)


2011 to 2016 population change (%)

(2016 Census of Population)


Population density per km2

(2016 Census of Population)


Total private dwellings

(2016 Census of Population)



The 2016 Census of Population Program offers a wide range of analysis, data, reference and geographical information according to topics (subjects) that paint a portrait of Canada and its population. To access topics from the previous Census, refer to 2011 Census topics.

Release dates, 2016 Census Program
Release date Release topic
February 8, 2017 Population and dwelling counts
May 3, 2017 Age and sex, Type of dwelling
August 2, 2017 Families, households and marital status, Language
September 13, 2017 Income
October 25, 2017 Immigration and ethnocultural diversity, Housing, Aboriginal peoples
November 29, 2017 Education, Labour, Journey to work, Language of work, Mobility and migration

Information and services

The 2016 Census of Population Program information holdings include data, analytical, reference and geography products. Videos present highlights and provide an overview of our major releases.

Data products

Statistical information including tabulations, profiles, microdata and data visualizations.

Analytical products

An analytical perspective on Census of Population Program topics.

Reference materials

Supporting documentation to assist users with understanding and interpreting Census of Population Program information.


Geographical information that will assist with interpreting Census of Population Program information.

Video centre

A collection of videos providing insight and highlights from the major releases.

Custom services

Services that allows for products and services to be tailored to more demanding and complex requests.

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Access to proof of age, length of residence in Canada, citizenship or aboriginal identity through the Census Pension Searches Program.

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