Data tables and figures


Table 1 Ownership rate by period of construction for various structure types, Canada, 2011

Table 2 Ownership rate by age of primary household maintainer and household total income, Canada, 2011

Table 3 Shelter cost and housing affordability by housing tenure for non-farm, non-reserve dwellings, Canada, 2011

Table 4 Number of owner households by mobility status 5 years ago and age of primary household maintainer, Canada, 2011


Figure 1 Homeownership rates, 1971 to 2006 Census and 2011 National Household Survey

Figure 2 Homeownership rate, Canada, provinces and territories, 2011

Figure 3 Percentage with shelter costs of 30% or more of household total income, by housing tenure and household type for non-farm, non-reserve households with income greater than $0, Canada, 2011

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