NHS Profile, 2011

This profile presents information from the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) for various levels of geography, including provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas/census agglomerations, census divisions, census subdivisions, census tracts, federal electoral districts and health regions.

In order to provide a comprehensive overview of an area this product presents data from both the NHS and the 2011 Census. NHS data topics include: Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity; Aboriginal Peoples; Education and Labour; Mobility and Migration; Language of work; Income and Housing. 2011 Census data topics include: Population and dwelling counts; Age and sex; Families, households and marital status; Structural type of dwelling and collectives; and Language.

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Examples of geographic codes
Geography Description Geographic code Number of characters
Province or territory Ontario 35 2
Census metropolitan area/Census agglomeration (CMA/CA) Ottawa - Gatineau (CMA) 505 3
Federal electoral district (FED) Ottawa Centre 35062 5
Census division (CD) Ottawa 3506 4
Census subdivision (CSD) Ottawa (City) 3506008 7
Census tract (CT) 0045.00 5050045.00 10
Health region (HR) City of Ottawa Health Unit 3551 4