Number of persons per room

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Not applicable

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Refers to an indicator of the level of crowding in a private dwelling. It is calculated by dividing the number of persons in the household by the number of rooms in the dwelling.

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Private households

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Derived variable: Question E4(a)


In the standard products, the most detailed classification is as follows:

  • One person or fewer per room
  • More than 1 person per room
    • More than 1 but less than 1.50
    • 1.50 persons or more


Persons per room is a measure of crowding that considers all rooms in a private dwelling and the number of household members. A higher value of 'persons per room' indicates a higher level of crowding.

An alternative measure is the housing suitabilityFootnote 1 according to the National Occupancy Standard (NOS) which assesses the required number of bedrooms for a household based on the age, sex, and relationships among household members.

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