Labour force

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Refers to persons who, during the week of Sunday, May 1 to Saturday, May 7, 2011, were either employed or unemployed.

Labour force = Employed + Unemployed

Early enumeration was conducted in remote, isolated parts of the provinces and territories in February, March and April 2011. When enumeration has taken place before May 2011, the reference date used is the date on which the household was enumerated.

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Population aged 15 years and over in private households

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Derived variable: Questions 34 to 38


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  1. For more information, see the definitions for Labour force status, Experienced labour force, Inexperienced labour force, Employed and Unemployed variables.
  2. See Figure 2.1 for the components of population and Labour force status variable.
  3. For information on the comparability of the 2011 National Household Survey labour force status data with those of the Labour Force Survey, see Appendix 2.1.
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