Market income

Part A - Short definition:

Total income before tax minus income from government sources.

Part B - Detailed definition:

Refers to the sum of employment income (wages and salaries, net farm income and net income from a non-farm unincorporated business and/or professional practice), investment income, retirement pensions, superannuation and annuities (including those from Registered Retirement Savings Plans [RRSPs] and Registered Retirement Income Funds [RRIFs]) and other money income. It is equivalent to total income minus all government transfer payments. It is also referred to as income before transfers and taxes.

Reported in:


Reported for:

Population aged 15 years and over in private households

Question number(s):

Derived variable based upon responses to Questions 54 and 55 (a) to (c) and (i), (k) and (l)


Positive or negative dollar value or nil


This variable does not include net capital gains or losses. Though these are asked on the questionnaire, they are not part of the standard income definition.

See the definitions for each of the components.

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