Accessing my census (Census of Population and/or 2011 NHS) information

Statistics Canada's commitment to keeping the confidentiality of the information obtained from the Canadian public is enshrined in the Statistics Act and the Agency's various policies and practices related to data collection, analysis and dissemination activities as well as the Privacy Act.

All information provided to Statistics Canada through surveys, the census or any other source is confidential. Statistics Canada does not release any information that identifies an individual or group without prior consent. Similarly, no other government institution has the right to see the answers given in confidence to Statistics Canada without this consent.

Census Pension Searches Program

The Census Pension Searches Program provides proof of age, length of residence in Canada, citizenship or Aboriginal identity from historic census, 2011 National Household Survey, and the 1940 National Registration records. This service is normally provided in support of application for pensions, citizenship, passports and similar situations where other more preferred administration records are required but no longer exist or, as in a number of cases, were never issued. Information from census and 2011 National Household Survey records can only be provided to the person named in the record, or the legal representative of a minor or dependent adult, or the legal representative of a deceased person for the sole purpose of administering the estate of that person. This application must be completed for authorization to search and release your personal and confidential information as recorded in these records.

Application and Authorization for a Search of Census, 2011 National Household Survey and 1940 National Registration Records

Application and Authorization for a Search of Census, 2011 National Household Survey and 1940 National Registration Records must be completed, signed and returned to us to authorize the search and release of your personal and confidential information.

Return the completed application form to Statistics Canada using the mailing address, facsimile number or e-mail address below:

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If your request for access to your personal information is not related to the Census Pension Searches Program, please contact Statistics Canada at or at 613-951-4967.

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