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Using a screen reader to complete the Census questionnaire

To use the modified version of the 2006 Census of Population questionnaire for screen readers, visit the Census welcome page at and activate the “Start” button.

Your browser will automatically be tested to see if it meets the necessary security requirements before you can begin your questionnaire. You will get a message if you need to update or modify your settings.

After passing the browser test, you will be taken to a screen requesting an Internet Access Code. On this page you will find a link that reads: “A version of the Census form that works with screen readers is available. Use this link for that version.” Please note that this link is not visible on the screen for sighted persons but can be read by screen readers. Activating this link will bring you to the version of the access code page for screen readers.

Enter your Internet access code. Your dwelling’s internet access code is printed on the paper Census questionnaire. If you do not have a paper questionnaire, you can obtain an access code from the Census Help Line at 1 877 594-2006.

You can now complete your questionnaire.

It will take approximately one hour to complete the 2A form and approximately 2 hours to complete the 2B form using a screen reader. The 2A form consists of 6 steps, A through F, and has a total of 8 questions. The 2B long forms consists of 7 steps, A though G, with 61 questions. A progress bar on each page lets you know how much of the Census you have completed.

Here is some information and recommendations we hope will enhance your experience:

  1. When completing your form, use the links on the bottom of the screen. Do not use your browser’s back or refresh button. Here is more information about the links on each page:
    • “Continue” tells the application to verify the data you have entered and if no errors are detected, present the next page. If the same page is presented, an error has been detected and an error message will appear at the top of the page. You can either attempt to correct the error, or hit the continue button again to move to the next page;
    • “Go back” takes you to the previous page;
    • “Stop and finish later” allows you to save the questionnaire so you can return and complete it later. This option is available on the long forms only;
    • “Skip to main content” allows you to move directly to questionnaire content;
    • “Return to top of page” allows you to move to the top of the page;
    • “Cancel” allows you to quit the application without saving your data.
  2. The application will timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity. It is not possible to retrieve information once the application has timed out. Please ensure that the application is not inactive for longer than 20 minutes.

The 2006 Census questionnaire has been verified with the JAWS® screen reader (version 5.1 or later), from Freedom Scientific. If you encounter any problems in completing your Census questionnaire, call the Census Help Line at 1 877 594-2006.

To return to the census welcome page, use this link: