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Vignette: Timeline of the Canadian centenarians, 1901 to 2006 (Alternate format)

Timeline of the Canadian centenarians, 1901 to 2006 (see footnotes on age and population)
Year Age Population Fact


1. Age of centenarian born in 1900

2. Total population of Canada in selected census years

1901 1 year 5 million Marconi sends the first transatlantic message
1905 5 years   Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces of Canada
1910 10 years   The first incandescent street lamps are lit in Toronto
1914 14 years   The First World War begins
1917 17 years   Income taxes are introduced
1918-1919 18-19 years   Spanish flu kills more than 20 million people around the world
1921 21 years   Canadian women win the right to vote
1923 23 years   Canadian Dr. Banting wins the Nobel Prize for his part in the discovery of insulin
1927 27 years   Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo transatlantic flight
1928 28 years   British scientist Dr. Fleming discovers penicillin
1929 29 years 10 million The collapse of the stock market marks the start of the Great Depression
1939 39 years   The Second World War breaks out
1941 41 years   Unemployment Insurance is introduced
1944 44 years   Family Allowances are introduced
1945 45 years   The Second World War ends
1946 46 years   The baby-boom begins
1948 48 years   30% of Canadian homes are equipped with refrigerators
1949 49 years   Newfoundland becomes a province of Canada
1950 50 years   The first “automatic” washing machines arrive
1952 52 years 14 million The CBC has its first television broadcast
1961 61 years   The contraceptive pill is available in Canada
1967 67 years 20 million Expo 67 is held in Montréal
1972 72 years   Healthcare is introduced across Canada
1972 72 years   Paul Henderson scores the winning goal of the Canada-USSR hockey series
1973 73 years   Oil crisis
1980 80 years   The era of personal computer begins
1981 81 years   Recession. Interest rates hit 21%
1982 82 years   The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is signed
1984 84 years   The AIDS virus is identified
1989 89 years   The Free Trade Agreement between Canada and USA comes into effect
1996 96 years   Immigrants make up 42% of the population of the Toronto metropolitan area
1997 97 years   There are 9.5 million cellular phone users
1999 99 years   Researchers publish the first map of a human chromosome
1999 99 years   Creation of Nunavut
2001 101 years 30 million September 11th attacks in the United States
2005 105 years   Adoption of the law permitting same-sex marriage in Canada
2006 106 years 31.6 million 31.6 million Canadians enumerated in 2006