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Geographic index - Population and dwelling counts, for Canada and census subdivisions (municipalities), 2006 and 2001 censuses - 100% data



105 Mile Post 2, IRI (B.C.)
Abbey, VL (Sask.)
Abbotsford, CY (B.C.)
Abercorn, VL (Que.)
Aberdeen, P (N.B.)
Aberdeen, T (Sask.)
Aberdeen No. 373, RM (Sask.)
Abernethy, VL (Sask.)
Abernethy No. 186, RM (Sask.)
Abitibi 70, IRI (Ont.)
Abrams Village, COM (P.E.I.)
Acadia No. 34, MD (Alta.)
Acadieville, P (N.B.)
Acme, VL (Alta.)
Acton Vale, V (Que.)
Addington, P (N.B.)
Addington Highlands, TP (Ont.)
Adelaide Metcalfe, TP (Ont.)
Adjala-Tosorontio, TP (Ont.)
Admaston/Bromley, TP (Ont.)
Admiral, VL (Sask.)
Admirals Beach, T (N.L.)
Adstock, MÉ (Que.)
Agats Meadow 8, IRI (B.C.)
Agency 1, IRI (Ont.)
Aguanish, MÉ (Que.)
Ahahswinis 1, IRI (B.C.)
Ahaminaquus 12, IRI (B.C.)
Ahtahkakoop 104, IRI (Sask.)
Air Ronge, NV (Sask.)
Airdrie, CY (Alta.)
Aitchelitch 9, IRI (B.C.)
Aiyansh (Kitladamas) 1, NVL (B.C.)
Ajax, T (Ont.)
Aklavik, HAM (N.W.T.)
Akulivik, VN (Que.)
Akulivik, TI (Que.)
Akwesasne, IRI (Que.)
Akwesasne (Part) 59, IRI (Ont.)
Alameda, T (Sask.)
Albanel, MÉ (Que.)
Alberni 2, IRI (B.C.)
Alberni-Clayoquot A, RDA (B.C.)
Alberni-Clayoquot B, RDA (B.C.)
Alberni-Clayoquot C, RDA (B.C.)
Alberni-Clayoquot D, RDA (B.C.)
Alberni-Clayoquot E, RDA (B.C.)
Alberni-Clayoquot F, RDA (B.C.)
Albert, RM (Man.)
Albert Flat 5, IRI (B.C.)
Alberta Beach, VL (Alta.)
Alberton, TP (Ont.)
Alberton, T (P.E.I.)
Albertville, MÉ (Que.)
Albertville, VL (Sask.)
Alderville First Nation, IRI (Ont.)
Alert Bay, VL (B.C.)
Alert Bay 1, IRI (B.C.)
Alert Bay 1A, IRI (B.C.)
Alexander, RM (Man.)
Alexander 134, IRI (Alta.)
Alexandria 1, IRI (B.C.)
Alexandria 1A, IRI (B.C.)
Alexandria 3, IRI (B.C.)
Alexandria 3A, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis 133, IRI (Alta.)
Alexis 9, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 6, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 14, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 16, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 17, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 21, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 24, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 25, IRI (B.C.)
Alexis Creek 34, IRI (B.C.)
Alfred and Plantagenet, TP (Ont.)
Algoma, Unorganized, North Part, NO (Ont.)
Algoma, Unorganized, South East Part, NO (Ont.)
Algonquin Highlands, TP (Ont.)
Alice Beach, RV (Sask.)
Alida, VL (Sask.)
Alix, VL (Alta.)
Alkali Lake 1, IRI (B.C.)
Alkali Lake 4A, IRI (B.C.)
Allan, T (Sask.)
Allardville, P (N.B.)
Alleyn-et-Cawood, MÉ (Que.)
Alliance, VL (Alta.)
Allison Bay 219, IRI (Alta.)
Alma, V (Que.)
Alma, VL (N.B.)
Alma, P (N.B.)
Alnwick, P (N.B.)
Alnwick/Haldimand, TP (Ont.)
Alonsa, RM (Man.)
Alsask, VL (Sask.)
Altona, T (Man.)
Alvena, VL (Sask.)
Amaranth, TP (Ont.)
Amherst, CT (Que.)
Amherst, T (N.S.)
Amherstburg, T (Ont.)
Amisk, VL (Alta.)
Amos, V (Que.)
Amqui, V (Que.)
Anacla 12, IRI (B.C.)
Anahim's Flat 1, IRI (B.C.)
Anahim's Meadow 2, IRI (B.C.)
Anahim's Meadow 2A, IRI (B.C.)
Anchor Point, T (N.L.)
Andover, P (N.B.)
Andrew, VL (Alta.)
Andy Cahoose Meadow 16, IRI (B.C.)
Aneroid, VL (Sask.)
Ange-Gardien, MÉ (Que.)
Angliers, VL (Que.)
Anmore, VL (B.C.)
Annaheim, VL (Sask.)
Annapolis Royal, T (N.S.)
Annapolis, Subd. A, SC (N.S.)
Annapolis, Subd. B, SC (N.S.)
Annapolis, Subd. C, SC (N.S.)
Annapolis, Subd. D, SC (N.S.)
Antelope Park No. 322, RM (Sask.)
Antigonish, T (N.S.)
Antigonish, Subd. A, SC (N.S.)
Antigonish, Subd. B, SC (N.S.)
Antler, VL (Sask.)
Antler No. 61, RM (Sask.)
Appleton, T (N.L.)
Apsagayu 1A, IRI (B.C.)
Aquadeo, RV (Sask.)
Aquaforte, T (N.L.)
Arborfield, T (Sask.)
Arborfield No. 456, RM (Sask.)
Arborg, T (Man.)
Archerwill, VL (Sask.)
Archie, RM (Man.)
Arcola, T (Sask.)
Arctic Bay, HAM (Nvt.)
Argentia Beach, SV (Alta.)
Argyle, RM (Man.)
Argyle, MD (N.S.)
Argyle No. 1, RM (Sask.)
Arlington No. 79, RM (Sask.)
Arm River No. 252, RM (Sask.)
Armagh, MÉ (Que.)
Armour, TP (Ont.)
Armstrong, TP (Ont.)
Armstrong, RM (Man.)
Armstrong, CY (B.C.)
Arnold's Cove, T (N.L.)
Arnprior, T (Ont.)
Aroland 83, IRI (Ont.)
Aroostook, VL (N.B.)
Arran, VL (Sask.)
Arran-Elderslie, MU (Ont.)
Arrowwood, VL (Alta.)
Arthur, RM (Man.)
Arundel, CT (Que.)
Arviat, HAM (Nvt.)
Asbestos, V (Que.)
Ascot Corner, MÉ (Que.)
Ashcroft, VL (B.C.)
Ashcroft 4, IRI (B.C.)
Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh, TP (Ont.)
Ashnola 10, IRI (B.C.)
Asphodel-Norwood, TP (Ont.)
Asquith, T (Sask.)
Assiginack, TP (Ont.)
Assiniboia, T (Sask.)
Assiniboine 76, IRI (Sask.)
Aston-Jonction, MÉ (Que.)
Athabasca, T (Alta.)
Athabasca County No. 12, CM (Alta.)
Athens, TP (Ont.)
Atholville, VL (N.B.)
Atikokan, TP (Ont.)
Attawapiskat 91A, IRI (Ont.)
Atwater, VL (Sask.)
Auclair, MÉ (Que.)
Audet, MÉ (Que.)
Augusta, TP (Ont.)
Aumond, CT (Que.)
Aupaluk, VN (Que.)
Aupaluk, TI (Que.)
Aupe 6, IRI (B.C.)
Aupe 6A, IRI (B.C.)
Aurora, T (Ont.)
Austin, MÉ (Que.)
Authier, MÉ (Que.)
Authier-Nord, MÉ (Que.)
Auvergne No. 76, RM (Sask.)
Avondale, T (N.L.)
Avonlea, VL (Sask.)
Ayer's Cliff, VL (Que.)
Aylesbury, VL (Sask.)
Aylmer, T (Ont.)
Aylsham, VL (Sask.)
Aywawwis 15, IRI (B.C.)