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Aboriginal identity population, 2006 counts, percentage distribution, percentage change, 2006 counts for both sexes, for Canada, provinces and territories - 20% sample data

How has the Aboriginal population grown? Aboriginal peoples are a fast growing population. The data are presented for three census years (1996, 2001 and 2006) for Canada, provinces and territories.

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Aboriginal identity population 2006 counts2 % distribution
% change
(2001 to 2006)3
% change
(1996 to 2006)3
Canada !        
Total population 31,241,030 100.0% 5.4% 9.5%
   Aboriginal identity population1 1,172,790 3.8% 20.1% 44.9%
   Non-Aboriginal identity population 30,068,240 96.2% 4.9% 8.4%
Total Aboriginal identity population1 1,172,790 100.0% 20.1% 44.9%
   North American Indian 698,025 59.5% 14.6% 29.1%
   Métis 389,780 33.2% 33.3% 90.9%
   Inuit 50,480 4.3% 12.0% 25.5%
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1. The total Aboriginal identity population includes the Aboriginal groups (North American Indian, Métis and Inuit), multiple Aboriginal responses and Aboriginal responses not included elsewhere.
2. Only the 2006 counts provided in this table are unadjusted. Therefore, the 2006 Census counts are not based on adjusted counts for the incompletely enumerated Indian reserves and Indian settlements of previous census years, while the percentage change is based on adjusted counts.
3. The growth rates for the Aboriginal identity population for the periods 2001 to 2006 and 1996 to 2006 have been adjusted for incompletely enumerated Indian reserves and Indian settlements, and other changes in reserves to allow for comparison of the different census year periods.

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