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2006 Community Profiles

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British Columbia - S

Census divisions (CDs)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte (CD)
Squamish-Lillooet (CD)
Stikine (CD)
Sunshine Coast (CD)

Census metropolitan areas (CMAs) / Census agglomerations (CAs)
Salmon Arm (CA)
Squamish (CA)

Health regions (HRs)
South Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area (HR)

Census subdivisions (CSDs)
S1/2 Tsimpsean 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saaiyouck 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saanich, District municipality (CSD)
Sachsa 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sachteen 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sachteen 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saddle Rock 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sahhaltkum 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Salmo, Village (CSD)
Salmon Arm, City (CSD)
Salmon River 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Salmon River Meadow 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Samahquam 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sandy Harry 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sayward, Village (CSD)
Schaltuuch 27, Indian reserve (CSD)
Schelowat 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Schkam 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Scotch Creek 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Scowlitz 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seabird Island, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seah 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seaichem 16, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seaspunkut 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sechelt, District municipality (CSD)
Sechelt (Part), Indian government district (CSD)
Sechelt (Part), Indian government district (CSD)
Semiahmoo, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seton Lake 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seton Lake 5A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seymour Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seymour Meadows 19, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shackan 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shawniken 4B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shingle Point 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sho-ook 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shuswap, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sicamous, District municipality (CSD)
Sidney, Town (CSD)
Sik-e-dakh 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Silverton, Village (CSD)
Siska Flat 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Siska Flat 5A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Siska Flat 5B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Siska Flat 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skawahlook 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte F, Regional district electoral area (CSD) [Dissolved]
Skeetchestn, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skidegate 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skins Lake 16A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skins Lake 16B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skookumchuck 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skowkale 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skowkale 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skuppah 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skuppah 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwah 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwahla 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwali 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skway 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwayaynope 26, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skweahm 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sliammon 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Slocan, Village (CSD)
Slosh 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Slosh 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Smithers, Town (CSD)
Soda Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sooke, District municipality (CSD)
Soowahlie 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
South Saanich 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sowchea 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spallumcheen, District municipality (CSD)
Sparwood, District municipality (CSD)
Spatsum 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spences Bridge 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spences Bridge 4C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Speyum 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spintlum Flat 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spuzzum 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squaam 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squamish, District municipality (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squaw-hay-one 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squawkum Creek 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squiaala 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squiaala 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squinas 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squirrel Cove 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Staiyahanny 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stawamus 24, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stellaquo (Stella) 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stewart, District municipality (CSD)
Stikine Region, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Stone 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stony Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stryen 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stuart Bay 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stullawheets 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Summerland, District municipality (CSD)
Sundayman's Meadow 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sunshine Coast A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Surrey, City (CSD)
Swahliseah 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
Swan Lake 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Switsemalph 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Switsemalph 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Switsemalph 7, Indian reserve (CSD)

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