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2006 Community Profiles

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Saskatchewan -

Census divisions (CDs)
Division No. 1 (CD)
Division No. 2 (CD)
Division No. 3 (CD)
Division No. 4 (CD)
Division No. 5 (CD)
Division No. 6 (CD)
Division No. 7 (CD)
Division No. 8 (CD)
Division No. 9 (CD)
Division No. 10 (CD)
Division No. 11 (CD)
Division No. 12 (CD)
Division No. 13 (CD)
Division No. 14 (CD)
Division No. 15 (CD)
Division No. 16 (CD)
Division No. 17 (CD)
Division No. 18 (CD)

Census metropolitan areas (CMAs) / Census agglomerations (CAs)
Estevan (CA)
Moose Jaw (CA)
North Battleford (CA)
Prince Albert (CA)
Regina (CMA)
Saskatoon (CMA)
Swift Current (CA)
Yorkton (CA)

Health regions (HRs)
Athabasca Health Authority (HR)
Cypress Regional Health Authority (HR)
Five Hills Regional Health Authority (HR)
Heartland Regional Health Authority (HR)
Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority (HR)
Kelsey Trail Regional Health Authority (HR)
Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority (HR)
Prairie North Regional Health Authority (HR)
Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority (HR)
Regina Qu'Appelle Regional Health Authority (HR)
Saskatoon Regional Health Authority (HR)
Sun Country Regional Health Authority (HR)
Sunrise Regional Health Authority (HR)

Census subdivisions (CSDs)
Abbey, Village (CSD)
Aberdeen, Town (CSD)
Aberdeen No. 373, Rural municipality (CSD)
Abernethy, Village (CSD)
Abernethy No. 186, Rural municipality (CSD)
Admiral, Village (CSD)
Ahtahkakoop 104, Indian reserve (CSD)
Air Ronge, Northern village (CSD)
Alameda, Town (CSD)
Albertville, Village (CSD)
Alice Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Alida, Village (CSD)
Allan, Town (CSD)
Alsask, Village (CSD)
Alvena, Village (CSD)
Aneroid, Village (CSD)
Annaheim, Village (CSD)
Antelope Park No. 322, Rural municipality (CSD)
Antler, Village (CSD)
Antler No. 61, Rural municipality (CSD)
Aquadeo, Resort village (CSD)
Arborfield, Town (CSD)
Arborfield No. 456, Rural municipality (CSD)
Archerwill, Village (CSD)
Arcola, Town (CSD)
Arelee, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Argyle No. 1, Rural municipality (CSD)
Arlington No. 79, Rural municipality (CSD)
Arm River No. 252, Rural municipality (CSD)
Arran, Village (CSD)
Asquith, Town (CSD)
Assiniboia, Town (CSD)
Assiniboine 76, Indian reserve (CSD)
Atwater, Village (CSD)
Auvergne No. 76, Rural municipality (CSD)
Avonlea, Village (CSD)
Aylesbury, Village (CSD)
Aylsham, Village (CSD)
Baildon No. 131, Rural municipality (CSD)
Balcarres, Town (CSD)
Balgonie, Town (CSD)
Bangor, Village (CSD)
Barrier Valley No. 397, Rural municipality (CSD)
Battle River No. 438, Rural municipality (CSD)
Battleford, Town (CSD)
Bayne No. 371, Rural municipality (CSD)
Beardy's 97 and Okemasis 96, Indian reserve (CSD)
Beardy's and Okemasis 96 and 97A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Beardy's and Okemasis 96 and 97B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Beatty, Village (CSD)
Beauval, Northern village (CSD)
Beaver Flat, Resort village (CSD)
Beaver River No. 622, Rural municipality (CSD)
Beechy, Village (CSD)
Belle Plaine, Village (CSD)
Bengough, Town (CSD)
Bengough No. 40, Rural municipality (CSD)
Benson, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Benson No. 35, Rural municipality (CSD)
Bethune, Village (CSD)
Bienfait, Town (CSD)
Big Arm No. 251, Rural municipality (CSD)
Big Island Lake Cree Territory, Indian reserve (CSD)
Big Quill No. 308, Rural municipality (CSD)
Big River, Town (CSD)
Big River 118, Indian reserve (CSD)
Big River No. 555, Rural municipality (CSD)
Big Shell, Resort village (CSD)
Big Stick No. 141, Rural municipality (CSD)
Biggar, Town (CSD)
Biggar No. 347, Rural municipality (CSD)
Birch Hills, Town (CSD)
Birch Hills No. 460, Rural municipality (CSD)
Bird's Point, Resort village (CSD)
Birsay, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Bjorkdale, Village (CSD)
Bjorkdale No. 426, Rural municipality (CSD)
Bladworth, Village (CSD)
Blaine Lake, Town (CSD)
Blaine Lake No. 434, Rural municipality (CSD)
Blucher No. 343, Rural municipality (CSD)
Bone Creek No. 108, Rural municipality (CSD)
Borden, Village (CSD)
Brabant Lake, Indian settlement (CSD)
Bracken, Village (CSD)
Bradwell, Village (CSD)
Bratt's Lake No. 129, Rural municipality (CSD)
Bredenbury, Town (CSD)
Briercrest, Village (CSD)
Britannia No. 502, Rural municipality (CSD)
Broadview, Town (CSD)
Brock, Village (CSD)
Brock No. 64, Rural municipality (CSD)
Broderick, Village (CSD)
Brokenshell No. 68, Rural municipality (CSD)
Browning No. 34, Rural municipality (CSD)
Brownlee, Village (CSD)
Bruno, Town (CSD)
B-Say-Tah, Resort village (CSD)
Buchanan, Village (CSD)
Buchanan No. 304, Rural municipality (CSD)
Buckland No. 491, Rural municipality (CSD)
Buena Vista, Village (CSD)
Buffalo Narrows, Northern village (CSD)
Buffalo No. 409, Rural municipality (CSD)
Buffalo River Dene Nation 193 (Peter Pond Lake 193), Indian reserve (CSD)
Bulyea, Village (CSD)
Burstall, Town (CSD)
Cabri, Town (CSD)
Cadillac, Village (CSD)
Calder, Village (CSD)
Calder No. 241, Rural municipality (CSD)
Caledonia No. 99, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cambria No. 6, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cana No. 214, Rural municipality (CSD)
Canaan No. 225, Rural municipality (CSD)
Candle Lake, Resort village (CSD)
Cando, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Canoe Lake 165, Indian reserve (CSD)
Canora, Town (CSD)
Canwood, Village (CSD)
Canwood No. 494, Rural municipality (CSD)
Carievale, Village (CSD)
Carlyle, Town (CSD)
Carmichael, Village (CSD)
Carmichael No. 109, Rural municipality (CSD)
Carnduff, Town (CSD)
Caron No. 162, Rural municipality (CSD)
Caronport, Village (CSD)
Carrot River, Town (CSD)
Carrot River 29A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Central Butte, Town (CSD)
Ceylon, Village (CSD)
Chamberlain, Village (CSD)
Chaplin, Village (CSD)
Chaplin No. 164, Rural municipality (CSD)
Chester No. 125, Rural municipality (CSD)
Chesterfield No. 261, Rural municipality (CSD)
Chicken 224, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chicken 225, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chitek Lake, Resort village (CSD)
Chitek Lake 191, Indian reserve (CSD)
Choiceland, Town (CSD)
Chorney Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Christopher Lake, Village (CSD)
Churchbridge, Town (CSD)
Churchbridge No. 211, Rural municipality (CSD)
Clavet, Village (CSD)
Clayton No. 333, Rural municipality (CSD)
Clearwater River Dene 222, Indian reserve (CSD)
Clearwater River Dene Band 221, Indian reserve (CSD)
Clearwater River Dene Band 223, Indian reserve (CSD)
Climax, Village (CSD)
Clinworth No. 230, Rural municipality (CSD)
Coalfields No. 4, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cochin, Resort village (CSD)
Coderre, Village (CSD)
Codette, Village (CSD)
Cole Bay, Northern village (CSD)
Coleville, Village (CSD)
Colonsay, Town (CSD)
Colonsay No. 342, Rural municipality (CSD)
Connaught No. 457, Rural municipality (CSD)
Conquest, Village (CSD)
Consul, Village (CSD)
Corman Park No. 344, Rural municipality (CSD)
Coronach, Town (CSD)
Cote 64, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cote No. 271, Rural municipality (CSD)
Coteau Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Coteau No. 255, Rural municipality (CSD)
Coulee No. 136, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cowessess 73, Indian reserve (CSD)
Craik, Town (CSD)
Craik No. 222, Rural municipality (CSD)
Craven, Village (CSD)
Creelman, Village (CSD)
Creighton, Town (CSD)
Cudworth, Town (CSD)
Cumberland 100A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cumberland House, Northern village (CSD)
Cumberland House Cree Nation 20, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cupar, Town (CSD)
Cupar No. 218, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cut Knife, Town (CSD)
Cut Knife No. 439, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cymri No. 36, Rural municipality (CSD)
Dafoe, Village (CSD)
Dalmeny, Town (CSD)
Davidson, Town (CSD)
Day Star 87, Indian reserve (CSD)
Debden, Village (CSD)
Deer Forks No. 232, Rural municipality (CSD)
Delisle, Town (CSD)
Denare Beach, Northern village (CSD)
Denholm, Village (CSD)
Denzil, Village (CSD)
Dilke, Village (CSD)
Dinsmore, Village (CSD)
Dipper Rapids 192C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Disley, Village (CSD)
Division No. 18, Unorganized, Unorganized (CSD)
Dodsland, Village (CSD)
Dollard, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Domremy, Village (CSD)
Dore Lake, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Dorintosh, Village (CSD)
Douglas No. 436, Rural municipality (CSD)
Drake, Village (CSD)
Drinkwater, Village (CSD)
Dubuc, Village (CSD)
Duck Lake, Town (CSD)
Duck Lake No. 463, Rural municipality (CSD)
Duff, Village (CSD)
Dufferin No. 190, Rural municipality (CSD)
Dundurn, Town (CSD)
Dundurn No. 314, Rural municipality (CSD)
Duval, Village (CSD)
Dysart, Village (CSD)
Eagle Creek No. 376, Rural municipality (CSD)
Eagles Lake 165C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Earl Grey, Village (CSD)
Eastend, Town (CSD)
Eatonia, Town (CSD)
Ebenezer, Village (CSD)
Echo Bay, Resort village (CSD)
Edam, Village (CSD)
Edenwold, Village (CSD)
Edenwold No. 158, Rural municipality (CSD)
Elak Dase 192A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Elbow, Village (CSD)
Elcapo No. 154, Rural municipality (CSD)
Eldon No. 471, Rural municipality (CSD)
Elfros, Village (CSD)
Elfros No. 307, Rural municipality (CSD)
Elmsthorpe No. 100, Rural municipality (CSD)
Elrose, Town (CSD)
Elstow, Village (CSD)
Emerald No. 277, Rural municipality (CSD)
Endeavour, Village (CSD)
Enfield No. 194, Rural municipality (CSD)
Englefeld, Village (CSD)
Enniskillen No. 3, Rural municipality (CSD)
Enterprise No. 142, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ernfold, Village (CSD)
Esterhazy, Town (CSD)
Estevan, City (CSD)
Estevan No. 5, Rural municipality (CSD)
Eston, Town (CSD)
Etters Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Excel No. 71, Rural municipality (CSD)
Excelsior No. 166, Rural municipality (CSD)
Eye Hill No. 382, Rural municipality (CSD)
Eyebrow, Village (CSD)
Eyebrow No. 193, Rural municipality (CSD)
Fairlight, Village (CSD)
Fenwood, Village (CSD)
Fertile Belt No. 183, Rural municipality (CSD)
Fertile Valley No. 285, Rural municipality (CSD)
Fife Lake, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Fillmore, Village (CSD)
Fillmore No. 96, Rural municipality (CSD)
Findlater, Village (CSD)
Fish Creek No. 402, Rural municipality (CSD)
Fishing Lake 89, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fishing Lake 89A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Flaxcombe, Village (CSD)
Fleming, Town (CSD)
Flett's Springs No. 429, Rural municipality (CSD)
Flin Flon (Part), City (CSD)
Flying Dust First Nation 105 (Meadow Lake 105), Indian reserve (CSD)
Foam Lake, Town (CSD)
Foam Lake No. 276, Rural municipality (CSD)
Fond du Lac 227, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fond du Lac 229, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fond du Lac 231, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fond du Lac 232, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fond du Lac 233, Indian reserve (CSD)
Forget, Village (CSD)
Fort Qu'Appelle, Town (CSD)
Fort San, Resort village (CSD)
Fosston, Village (CSD)
Four Portages 157C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fox Valley, Village (CSD)
Fox Valley No. 171, Rural municipality (CSD)
Francis, Town (CSD)
Francis No. 127, Rural municipality (CSD)
Frenchman Butte No. 501, Rural municipality (CSD)
Frobisher, Village (CSD)
Frontier, Village (CSD)
Frontier No. 19, Rural municipality (CSD)
Gainsborough, Village (CSD)
Garden River No. 490, Rural municipality (CSD)
Garry No. 245, Rural municipality (CSD)
Gerald, Village (CSD)
Girvin, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Gladmar, Village (CSD)
Glaslyn, Village (CSD)
Glen Bain No. 105, Rural municipality (CSD)
Glen Ewen, Village (CSD)
Glen Harbour, Resort village (CSD)
Glen McPherson No. 46, Rural municipality (CSD)
Glenavon, Village (CSD)
Glenside, Village (CSD)
Glenside No. 377, Rural municipality (CSD)
Golden Prairie, Village (CSD)
Golden West No. 95, Rural municipality (CSD)
Good Lake No. 274, Rural municipality (CSD)
Goodeve, Village (CSD)
Goodsoil, Village (CSD)
Goodwater, Village (CSD)
Gordon 86, Indian reserve (CSD)
Govan, Town (CSD)
Grand Coulee, Village (CSD)
Grandmother's Bay 219, Indian reserve (CSD)
Grandview Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Grandview No. 349, Rural municipality (CSD)
Grant No. 372, Rural municipality (CSD)
Grass Lake No. 381, Rural municipality (CSD)
Grassy Creek No. 78, Rural municipality (CSD)
Gravelbourg, Town (CSD)
Gravelbourg No. 104, Rural municipality (CSD)
Grayson, Village (CSD)
Grayson No. 184, Rural municipality (CSD)
Great Bend No. 405, Rural municipality (CSD)
Green Lake, Northern village (CSD)
Greig Lake, Resort village (CSD)
Grenfell, Town (CSD)
Griffin No. 66, Rural municipality (CSD)
Grizzly Bear's Head 110 and Lean Man 111, Indian reserve (CSD)
Guernsey, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Gull Lake, Town (CSD)
Gull Lake No. 139, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hafford, Town (CSD)
Hague, Town (CSD)
Halbrite, Village (CSD)
Handel, Village (CSD)
Hanley, Town (CSD)
Happy Valley No. 10, Rural municipality (CSD)
Happyland No. 231, Rural municipality (CSD)
Harris, Village (CSD)
Harris No. 316, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hart Butte No. 11, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hawarden, Village (CSD)
Hazel Dell No. 335, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hazelwood No. 94, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hazenmore, Village (CSD)
Hazlet, Village (CSD)
Heart's Hill No. 352, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hepburn, Village (CSD)
Herbert, Town (CSD)
Herschel, Village (CSD)
Heward, Village (CSD)
Hillsborough No. 132, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hillsdale No. 440, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hodgeville, Village (CSD)
Holdfast, Village (CSD)
Hoodoo No. 401, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hubbard, Village (CSD)
Hudson Bay, Town (CSD)
Hudson Bay No. 394, Rural municipality (CSD)
Humboldt, City (CSD)
Humboldt No. 370, Rural municipality (CSD)
Huron No. 223, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hyas, Village (CSD)
Île-à-la-Crosse, Northern village (CSD)
Île-à-la-Crosse 192E, Indian reserve (CSD)
Imperial, Town (CSD)
Indian Head, Town (CSD)
Indian Head No. 156, Rural municipality (CSD)
Insinger, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Insinger No. 275, Rural municipality (CSD)
Invergordon No. 430, Rural municipality (CSD)
Invermay, Village (CSD)
Invermay No. 305, Rural municipality (CSD)
Island View, Resort village (CSD)
Ituna, Town (CSD)
Ituna Bon Accord No. 246, Rural municipality (CSD)
James Smith 100, Indian reserve (CSD)
Jans Bay, Northern village (CSD)
Jansen, Village (CSD)
Kahkewistahaw 72, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kamsack, Town (CSD)
Kannata Valley, Resort village (CSD)
Katepwa, Resort village (CSD)
Katepwa Beach, Resort village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Katepwa South, Resort village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Keeler, Village (CSD)
Keeseekoose 66, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeseekoose 66A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeseekoose 66-CA-04, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeseekoose 66-CA-05, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeseekoose 66-CA-06, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeseekoose 66-KE-04, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeseekoose 66-KE-05, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kelliher, Village (CSD)
Kellross No. 247, Rural municipality (CSD)
Kelvington, Town (CSD)
Kelvington No. 366, Rural municipality (CSD)
Kenaston, Village (CSD)
Kendal, Village (CSD)
Kennedy, Village (CSD)
Kenosee Lake, Village (CSD)
Kerrobert, Town (CSD)
Key West No. 70, Rural municipality (CSD)
Keys No. 303, Rural municipality (CSD)
Khedive, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Killaly, Village (CSD)
Kimosom Pwatinahk 203 (Deschambault Lake), Indian reserve (CSD)
Kincaid, Village (CSD)
Kindersley, Town (CSD)
Kindersley No. 290, Rural municipality (CSD)
King George No. 256, Rural municipality (CSD)
Kingsley No. 124, Rural municipality (CSD)
Kinistin 91, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kinistino, Town (CSD)
Kinistino No. 459, Rural municipality (CSD)
Kinley, Village (CSD)
Kinoosao-Thomas Clark 204, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kipling, Town (CSD)
Kisbey, Village (CSD)
Kitsakie 156B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kivimaa-Moonlight Bay, Resort village (CSD)
Krydor, Village (CSD)
Kutawa No. 278, Rural municipality (CSD) [Dissolved]
Kyle, Town (CSD)
La Loche, Northern village (CSD)
La Plonge 192, Indian reserve (CSD)
La Ronge, Town (CSD)
Lac La Hache 220, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lac La Ronge 156, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lac Pelletier No. 107, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lacadena No. 228, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lafleche, Town (CSD)
Laird, Village (CSD)
Laird No. 404, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lajord No. 128, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lake Alma, Village (CSD)
Lake Alma No. 8, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lake Johnston No. 102, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lake Lenore, Village (CSD)
Lake Lenore No. 399, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lake of the Rivers No. 72, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lakeland No. 521, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lakeside No. 338, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lakeview No. 337, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lampman, Town (CSD)
Lancer, Village (CSD)
Landis, Village (CSD)
Lang, Village (CSD)
Langenburg, Town (CSD)
Langenburg No. 181, Rural municipality (CSD)
Langham, Town (CSD)
Lanigan, Town (CSD)
Lashburn, Town (CSD)
Last Mountain Valley No. 250, Rural municipality (CSD)
Laurier No. 38, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lawtonia No. 135, Rural municipality (CSD)
Leader, Town (CSD)
Leask, Village (CSD)
Leask No. 464, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lebret, Village (CSD)
Lemberg, Town (CSD)
Leoville, Village (CSD)
Leross, Village (CSD)
Leroy, Town (CSD)
Leroy No. 339, Rural municipality (CSD)
Leslie, Village (CSD)
Leslie Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Lestock, Village (CSD)
Liberty, Village (CSD)
Limerick, Village (CSD)
Lintlaw, Village (CSD)
Lipton, Village (CSD)
Lipton No. 217, Rural municipality (CSD)
Little Black Bear 84, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Bone 74B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Hills 158, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Hills 158B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Pine 116, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Red River 106C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Red River 106D, Indian reserve (CSD)
Livingston No. 331, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lloydminster (Part), City (CSD)
Lockwood, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Lomond No. 37, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lone Tree No. 18, Rural municipality (CSD)
Longlaketon No. 219, Rural municipality (CSD)
Loon Lake, Village (CSD)
Loon Lake No. 561, Rural municipality (CSD)
Loreburn, Village (CSD)
Loreburn No. 254, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lost River No. 313, Rural municipality (CSD)
Love, Village (CSD)
Loverna, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Lucky Lake, Village (CSD)
Lucky Man, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lumsden, Town (CSD)
Lumsden Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Lumsden No. 189, Rural municipality (CSD)
Luseland, Town (CSD)
Macklin, Town (CSD)
MacNutt, Village (CSD)
Macoun, Village (CSD)
Macrorie, Village (CSD)
Maidstone, Town (CSD)
Major, Village (CSD)
Makaoo (Part) 120, Indian reserve (CSD)
Makwa, Village (CSD)
Makwa Lake 129, Indian reserve (CSD)
Makwa Lake 129A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Makwa Lake 129B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Makwa Lake 129C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Manitou Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Manitou Lake No. 442, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mankota, Village (CSD)
Mankota No. 45, Rural municipality (CSD)
Manor, Village (CSD)
Mantario, Village (CSD)
Maple Bush No. 224, Rural municipality (CSD)
Maple Creek, Town (CSD)
Maple Creek No. 111, Rural municipality (CSD)
Marcelin, Village (CSD)
Marengo, Village (CSD)
Margo, Village (CSD)
Mariposa No. 350, Rural municipality (CSD)
Markinch, Village (CSD)
Marquis, Village (CSD)
Marquis No. 191, Rural municipality (CSD)
Marriott No. 317, Rural municipality (CSD)
Marsden, Village (CSD)
Marshall, Village (CSD)
Martensville, Town (CSD)
Martin No. 122, Rural municipality (CSD)
Maryfield, Village (CSD)
Maryfield No. 91, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mayfield No. 406, Rural municipality (CSD)
Maymont, Village (CSD)
Mazenod, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
McCraney No. 282, Rural municipality (CSD)
McKillop No. 220, Rural municipality (CSD)
McLean, Village (CSD)
McLeod No. 185, Rural municipality (CSD)
McTaggart, Village (CSD)
Meacham, Village (CSD)
Meadow Lake, Town (CSD)
Meadow Lake 105A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Meadow Lake No. 588, Rural municipality (CSD)
Meath Park, Village (CSD)
Medstead, Village (CSD)
Medstead No. 497, Rural municipality (CSD)
Meeting Lake No. 466, Rural municipality (CSD)
Melfort, City (CSD)
Melville, City (CSD)
Melville Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Mendham, Village (CSD)
Meota, Village (CSD)
Meota No. 468, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mervin, Village (CSD)
Mervin No. 499, Rural municipality (CSD)
Metinota, Resort village (CSD)
Meyronne, Village (CSD)
Michel Village, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Midale, Town (CSD)
Middle Lake, Village (CSD)
Milden, Village (CSD)
Milden No. 286, Rural municipality (CSD)
Milestone, Town (CSD)
Milton No. 292, Rural municipality (CSD)
Min-A-He-Quo-Sis 116C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ministikwan 161, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ministikwan 161A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Minton, Village (CSD)
Miry Creek No. 229, Rural municipality (CSD)
Missinipe, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Mistatim, Village (CSD)
Mistawasis 103, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mistusinne, Resort village (CSD)
Monet No. 257, Rural municipality (CSD)
Montmartre, Village (CSD)
Montmartre No. 126, Rural municipality (CSD)
Montreal Lake 106, Indian reserve (CSD)
Montreal Lake 106B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Montrose No. 315, Rural municipality (CSD)
Moose Creek No. 33, Rural municipality (CSD)
Moose Jaw, City (CSD)
Moose Jaw No. 161, Rural municipality (CSD)
Moose Mountain No. 63, Rural municipality (CSD)
Moose Range No. 486, Rural municipality (CSD)
Moosomin, Town (CSD)
Moosomin 112B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Moosomin No. 121, Rural municipality (CSD)
Morin Lake 217, Indian reserve (CSD)
Morris No. 312, Rural municipality (CSD)
Morse, Town (CSD)
Morse No. 165, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mortlach, Village (CSD)
Mosquito 109, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mossbank, Town (CSD)
Mount Hope No. 279, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mount Hope No. 279, Rural municipality (CSD) [Dissolved]
Mount Pleasant No. 2, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mountain View No. 318, Rural municipality (CSD)
Muenster, Village (CSD)
Muscowpetung 80, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskeg Lake 102B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskeg Lake 102D, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskeg Lake 102E, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskeg Lake 102F, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskeg Lake 102G, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskeg Lake Cree Nation 102, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskoday First Nation, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-15, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-17, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-22, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-23, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-24, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-26, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-27, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-28, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-29, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-31, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-33, Indian reserve (CSD)
Muskowekwan 85-8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Naicam, Town (CSD)
Neilburg, Village (CSD)
Nekaneet Cree Nation, Indian reserve (CSD)
Netherhill, Village (CSD)
Neudorf, Village (CSD)
Neville, Village (CSD)
Newcombe No. 260, Rural municipality (CSD)
Nipawin, Town (CSD)
Nipawin No. 487, Rural municipality (CSD)
Nokomis, Town (CSD)
Norquay, Town (CSD)
North Battleford, City (CSD)
North Battleford, Crown colony (CSD)
North Battleford No. 437, Rural municipality (CSD)
North Grove, Resort village (CSD)
North Portal, Village (CSD)
North Qu'Appelle No. 187, Rural municipality (CSD)
Norton No. 69, Rural municipality (CSD)
Oakdale No. 320, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ocean Man 69, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69D, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69E, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69F, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69G, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69H, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ocean Man 69I, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-26, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-44, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-51, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-54, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ochapowace 71-70, Indian reserve (CSD)
Odessa, Village (CSD)
Ogema, Town (CSD)
Okanese 82, Indian reserve (CSD)
Old Post No. 43, Rural municipality (CSD)
One Arrow 95, Indian reserve (CSD)
One Arrow 95-1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
One Arrow 95-1C, Indian reserve (CSD)
One Arrow 95-1D, Indian reserve (CSD)
Onion Lake 119-1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation 27A (Carrot River), Indian reserve (CSD)
Opawakoscikan, Indian reserve (CSD)
Orkney No. 244, Rural municipality (CSD)
Osage, Village (CSD)
Osler, Town (CSD)
Outlook, Town (CSD)
Oxbow, Town (CSD)
Paddockwood, Village (CSD)
Paddockwood No. 520, Rural municipality (CSD)
Palmer, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Pangman, Village (CSD)
Paradise Hill, Village (CSD)
Parkdale No. 498, Rural municipality (CSD)
Parkside, Village (CSD)
Pasqua 79, Indian reserve (CSD)
Patuanak, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Paynton, Village (CSD)
Paynton No. 470, Rural municipality (CSD)
Pebble Baye, Resort village (CSD)
Peepeekisis 81, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pelican Lake 191A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pelican Lake 191B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pelican Narrows, Northern village (CSD)
Pelican Narrows 184B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pelican Pointe, Resort village (CSD)
Pelly, Village (CSD)
Pennant, Village (CSD)
Pense, Village (CSD)
Pense No. 160, Rural municipality (CSD)
Penzance, Village (CSD)
Perdue, Village (CSD)
Perdue No. 346, Rural municipality (CSD)
Piapot, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Piapot 75, Indian reserve (CSD)
Piapot Cree First Nation 75H, Indian reserve (CSD)
Piapot No. 110, Rural municipality (CSD)
Pierceland, Village (CSD)
Pilger, Village (CSD)
Pilot Butte, Town (CSD)
Pinehouse, Northern village (CSD)
Pinto Creek No. 75, Rural municipality (CSD)
Pittville No. 169, Rural municipality (CSD)
Pleasant Valley No. 288, Rural municipality (CSD)
Pleasantdale, Village (CSD)
Pleasantdale No. 398, Rural municipality (CSD)
Plenty, Village (CSD)
Plunkett, Village (CSD)
Ponass Lake No. 367, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ponteix, Town (CSD)
Poorman 88, Indian reserve (CSD)
Poplar Valley No. 12, Rural municipality (CSD)
Porcupine No. 395, Rural municipality (CSD)
Porcupine Plain, Town (CSD)
Potato River 156A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Poundmaker 114, Indian reserve (CSD)
Prairie Rose No. 309, Rural municipality (CSD)
Prairiedale No. 321, Rural municipality (CSD)
Preeceville, Town (CSD)
Preeceville No. 334, Rural municipality (CSD)
Prelate, Village (CSD)
Primate, Village (CSD)
Primeau Lake 192F, Indian reserve (CSD)
Prince Albert, City (CSD)
Prince Albert National Park, Unorganized (CSD)
Prince Albert No. 461, Rural municipality (CSD)
Progress No. 351, Rural municipality (CSD)
Prud'Homme, Village (CSD)
Punnichy, Village (CSD)
Qu'Appelle, Town (CSD)
Quill Lake, Village (CSD)
Quinton, Village (CSD)
Rabbit Lake, Village (CSD)
Radisson, Town (CSD)
Radville, Town (CSD)
Rama, Village (CSD)
Raymore, Town (CSD)
Reciprocity No. 32, Rural municipality (CSD)
Red Earth 29, Indian reserve (CSD)
Red Pheasant 108, Indian reserve (CSD)
Redberry No. 435, Rural municipality (CSD)
Redburn No. 130, Rural municipality (CSD)
Redvers, Town (CSD)
Reford No. 379, Rural municipality (CSD)
Regina, City (CSD)
Regina Beach, Town (CSD)
Reno No. 51, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rhein, Village (CSD)
Richard, Village (CSD)
Richmound, Village (CSD)
Ridgedale, Village (CSD)
Riverhurst, Village (CSD)
Riverside No. 168, Rural municipality (CSD)
Robsart, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Rocanville, Town (CSD)
Rocanville No. 151, Rural municipality (CSD)
Roche Percee, Village (CSD)
Rockglen, Town (CSD)
Rockhaven, Village (CSD)
Rodgers No. 133, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rose Valley, Town (CSD)
Rosedale No. 283, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rosemount No. 378, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rosetown, Town (CSD)
Rosthern, Town (CSD)
Rosthern No. 403, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rouleau, Town (CSD)
Round Hill No. 467, Rural municipality (CSD)
Round Valley No. 410, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ruddell, Village (CSD)
Rudy No. 284, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rush Lake, Village (CSD)
Ruthilda, Village (CSD)
Sakimay 74, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saltcoats, Town (CSD)
Saltcoats No. 213, Rural municipality (CSD)
Sandy Bay, Northern village (CSD)
Sandy Beach, Resort village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Sarnia No. 221, Rural municipality (CSD)
Saskatchewan Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Saskatchewan Landing No. 167, Rural municipality (CSD)
Saskatoon, City (CSD)
Sasman No. 336, Rural municipality (CSD)
Saulteaux 159, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saulteaux 159A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sceptre, Village (CSD)
Scott, Town (CSD)
Scott No. 98, Rural municipality (CSD)
Sedley, Village (CSD)
Seekaskootch 119, Indian reserve (CSD)
Semans, Village (CSD)
Senlac, Village (CSD)
Senlac No. 411, Rural municipality (CSD)
Shackleton, Village (CSD)
Shamrock, Village (CSD)
Shamrock No. 134, Rural municipality (CSD)
Shaunavon, Town (CSD)
Sheho, Village (CSD)
Shell Lake, Village (CSD)
Shellbrook, Town (CSD)
Shellbrook No. 493, Rural municipality (CSD)
Sherwood No. 159, Rural municipality (CSD)
Shesheep 74A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shields, Resort village (CSD)
Shoal Lake 28A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Silton, Village (CSD)
Silverwood No. 123, Rural municipality (CSD)
Simpson, Village (CSD)
Sintaluta, Town (CSD)
Sliding Hills No. 273, Rural municipality (CSD)
Smeaton, Village (CSD)
Smiley, Village (CSD)
Snipe Lake No. 259, Rural municipality (CSD)
Souris Valley No. 7, Rural municipality (CSD)
South Lake, Resort village (CSD)
South Qu'Appelle No. 157, Rural municipality (CSD)
Southend 200, Indian reserve (CSD)
Southey, Town (CSD)
Sovereign, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Spalding, Village (CSD)
Spalding No. 368, Rural municipality (CSD)
Speers, Village (CSD)
Spiritwood, Town (CSD)
Spiritwood No. 496, Rural municipality (CSD)
Springside, Town (CSD)
Springwater, Village (CSD)
Spruce Lake, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Spy Hill, Village (CSD)
Spy Hill No. 152, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Andrews No. 287, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Benedict, Village (CSD)
St. Brieux, Village (CSD)
St. George's Hill, Northern hamlet (CSD)
St. Gregor, Village (CSD)
St. Louis, Village (CSD)
St. Louis No. 431, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Peter No. 369, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Philips No. 301, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Victor, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
St. Walburg, Town (CSD)
Standing Buffalo 78, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stanley 157, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stanley 157A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stanley No. 215, Rural municipality (CSD)
Star Blanket 83, Indian reserve (CSD)
Star Blanket 83C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Star City, Town (CSD)
Star City No. 428, Rural municipality (CSD)
Stenen, Village (CSD)
Stewart Valley, Village (CSD)
Stockholm, Village (CSD)
Stonehenge No. 73, Rural municipality (CSD)
Stony Rapids, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Stornoway, Village (CSD)
Storthoaks, Village (CSD)
Storthoaks No. 31, Rural municipality (CSD)
Stoughton, Town (CSD)
Strasbourg, Town (CSD)
Strongfield, Village (CSD)
Sturgeon Lake 101, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sturgeon Weir 184F, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sturgis, Town (CSD)
Success, Village (CSD)
Sucker River 156C (Nemebien River 156C), Indian reserve (CSD)
Sun Valley, Resort village (CSD)
Sunset Cove, Resort village (CSD)
Sunset View Beach, Resort village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Surprise Valley No. 9, Rural municipality (CSD)
Sutton No. 103, Rural municipality (CSD)
Sweet Grass 113, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sweet Grass 113-L6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sweet Grass 113-M16, Indian reserve (CSD)
Swift Current, City (CSD)
Swift Current No. 137, Rural municipality (CSD)
Tantallon, Village (CSD)
Tecumseh No. 65, Rural municipality (CSD)
Terrell No. 101, Rural municipality (CSD)
Tessier, Village (CSD)
The Gap No. 39, Rural municipality (CSD)
The Key 65, Indian reserve (CSD)
Theodore, Village (CSD)
Thode, Resort village (CSD)
Three Lakes No. 400, Rural municipality (CSD)
Thunderchild First Nation 115B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Thunderchild First Nation 115C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Thunderchild First Nation 115D, Indian reserve (CSD)
Timber Bay, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Tisdale, Town (CSD)
Tisdale No. 427, Rural municipality (CSD)
Tobin Lake, Resort village (CSD)
Togo, Village (CSD)
Tompkins, Village (CSD)
Torch River No. 488, Rural municipality (CSD)
Torquay, Village (CSD)
Touchwood No. 248, Rural municipality (CSD)
Tramping Lake, Village (CSD)
Tramping Lake No. 380, Rural municipality (CSD)
Treaty Four Reserve Grounds 77, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tribune, Village (CSD)
Tugaske, Village (CSD)
Tullymet No. 216, Rural municipality (CSD)
Turnor Lake, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Turnor Lake 193B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Turnor Lake 194, Indian reserve (CSD)
Turtle River No. 469, Rural municipality (CSD)
Turtleford, Town (CSD)
Tuxford, Village (CSD)
Unity, Town (CSD)
Usborne No. 310, Rural municipality (CSD)
Val Marie, Village (CSD)
Val Marie No. 17, Rural municipality (CSD)
Valparaiso, Village (CSD)
Vanguard, Village (CSD)
Vanscoy, Village (CSD)
Vanscoy No. 345, Rural municipality (CSD)
Vawn, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Veregin, Village (CSD)
Vibank, Village (CSD)
Viceroy, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Victory No. 226, Rural municipality (CSD)
Viscount, Village (CSD)
Viscount No. 341, Rural municipality (CSD)
Vonda, Town (CSD)
Wadena, Town (CSD)
Wahpaton 94A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Wakaw, Town (CSD)
Wakaw Lake, Resort village (CSD)
Waldeck, Village (CSD)
Waldheim, Town (CSD)
Waldron, Village (CSD)
Wallace No. 243, Rural municipality (CSD)
Walpole No. 92, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wapachewunak 192D, Indian reserve (CSD)
Wapella, Town (CSD)
Wa-Pii Moos-Toosis (White Calf) 83A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Warman, Town (CSD)
Waseca, Village (CSD)
Waterhen 130, Indian reserve (CSD)
Watrous, Town (CSD)
Watson, Town (CSD)
Waverley No. 44, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wawken No. 93, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wawota, Town (CSD)
Webb, Village (CSD)
Webb No. 138, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wee Too Beach, Resort village (CSD)
Weekes, Village (CSD)
Weirdale, Village (CSD)
Weldon, Village (CSD)
Wellington No. 97, Rural municipality (CSD)
Welwyn, Village (CSD)
West End, Resort village (CSD)
Weyakwin, Northern hamlet (CSD)
Weyburn, City (CSD)
Weyburn No. 67, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wheatlands No. 163, Rural municipality (CSD)
Whiska Creek No. 106, Rural municipality (CSD)
White Bear 70, Indian reserve (CSD)
White City, Town (CSD)
White Fox, Village (CSD)
White Valley No. 49, Rural municipality (CSD)
Whitecap, Indian reserve (CSD)
Whitewood, Town (CSD)
Wilcox, Village (CSD)
Wilkie, Town (CSD)
Willner No. 253, Rural municipality (CSD)
Willow Bunch, Town (CSD)
Willow Bunch No. 42, Rural municipality (CSD)
Willow Creek No. 458, Rural municipality (CSD)
Willowbrook, Village (CSD)
Willowdale No. 153, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wilton No. 472, Rural municipality (CSD)
Windthorst, Village (CSD)
Winslow No. 319, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wise Creek No. 77, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wiseton, Village (CSD)
Wishart, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Witchekan Lake 117, Indian reserve (CSD)
Witchekan Lake 117-D, Indian reserve (CSD)
Wolseley, Town (CSD)
Wolseley No. 155, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wolverine No. 340, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wood Creek No. 281, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wood Mountain, Village (CSD)
Wood Mountain 160, Indian reserve (CSD)
Wood River No. 74, Rural municipality (CSD)
Woodrow, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Wreford No. 280, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wynyard, Town (CSD)
Yarbo, Village (CSD)
Yellow Creek, Village (CSD)
Yellow Grass, Town (CSD)
Yellowquill 90, Indian reserve (CSD)
Yorkton, City (CSD)
Young, Village (CSD)
Zealandia, Town (CSD)
Zelma, Village (CSD)
Zenon Park, Village (CSD)

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