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2006 Community Profiles

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British Columbia -

Census divisions (CDs)
Alberni-Clayoquot (CD)
Bulkley-Nechako (CD)
Capital (CD)
Cariboo (CD)
Central Coast (CD)
Central Kootenay (CD)
Central Okanagan (CD)
Columbia-Shuswap (CD)
Comox-Strathcona (CD)
Cowichan Valley (CD)
East Kootenay (CD)
Fraser Valley (CD)
Fraser-Fort George (CD)
Greater Vancouver (CD)
Kitimat-Stikine (CD)
Kootenay Boundary (CD)
Mount Waddington (CD)
Nanaimo (CD)
North Okanagan (CD)
Northern Rockies (CD)
Okanagan-Similkameen (CD)
Peace River (CD)
Powell River (CD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte (CD)
Squamish-Lillooet (CD)
Stikine (CD)
Sunshine Coast (CD)
Thompson-Nicola (CD)

Census metropolitan areas (CMAs) / Census agglomerations (CAs)
Abbotsford (CMA)
Campbell River (CA)
Chilliwack (CA)
Courtenay (CA)
Cranbrook (CA)
Dawson Creek (CA)
Duncan (CA)
Fort St. John (CA)
Kamloops (CA)
Kelowna (CMA)
Kitimat (CA)
Nanaimo (CA)
Parksville (CA)
Penticton (CA)
Port Alberni (CA)
Powell River (CA)
Prince George (CA)
Prince Rupert (CA)
Quesnel (CA)
Salmon Arm (CA)
Squamish (CA)
Terrace (CA)
Vancouver (CMA)
Vernon (CA)
Victoria (CMA)
Williams Lake (CA)

Health regions (HRs)
Central Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
East Kootenay Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Fraser East Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Fraser North Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Fraser South Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Kootenay-Boundary Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
North Shore/Coast Garibaldi Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
North Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Northeast Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Northern Interior Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Northwest Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Okanagan Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Richmond Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
South Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Thompson/Cariboo Health Service Delivery Area (HR)
Vancouver Health Service Delivery Area (HR)

Census subdivisions (CSDs)
105 Mile Post 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Abbotsford, City (CSD)
Agats Meadow 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ahahswinis 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ahaminaquus 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Aitchelitch 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Aiyansh (Kitladamas) 1, Nisga'a village (CSD)
Alberni 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alberni-Clayoquot A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Alberni-Clayoquot B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Alberni-Clayoquot C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Alberni-Clayoquot D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Alberni-Clayoquot E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Alberni-Clayoquot F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Albert Flat 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alert Bay, Village (CSD)
Alert Bay 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alert Bay 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexandria 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexandria 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexandria 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexandria 3A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 16, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 17, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 21, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 24, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 25, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alexis Creek 34, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alkali Lake 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Alkali Lake 4A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Anacla 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Anahim's Flat 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Anahim's Meadow 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Anahim's Meadow 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Andy Cahoose Meadow 16, Indian reserve (CSD)
Anmore, Village (CSD)
Apsagayu 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Armstrong, City (CSD)
Ashcroft, Village (CSD)
Ashcroft 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ashnola 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Aupe 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Aupe 6A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Aywawwis 15, Indian reserve (CSD)
Babine 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Babine 17, Indian reserve (CSD)
Babine 25, Indian reserve (CSD)
Babine Lake 21B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Baezaeko River 25, Indian reserve (CSD)
Baezaeko River 26, Indian reserve (CSD)
Baezaeko River 27, Indian reserve (CSD)
Baptiste Meadow 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Baptiste Smith 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Baptiste Smith 1B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Barnston Island 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Basque 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Becher Bay 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Belcarra, Village (CSD)
Bella Bella 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bella Coola 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Betty Creek 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bihl' k'a 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bihlk'a 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Binche 2 (Pinchie 2), Indian reserve (CSD)
Blackwater Meadow 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Blind Creek 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Blueberry River 205, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bonaparte 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Boothroyd 5A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Boothroyd 8A (Part), Indian reserve (CSD)
Boothroyd 8A (Part), Indian reserve (CSD)
Boston Bar 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bowen Island, Island municipality (CSD)
Bridge River 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bucktum 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bulkley River 19, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bulkley-Nechako A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Bulkley-Nechako B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Bulkley-Nechako C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Bulkley-Nechako D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Bulkley-Nechako E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Bulkley-Nechako F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Bulkley-Nechako G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Bummers Flat 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Burnaby, City (CSD)
Burns Lake, Village (CSD)
Burns Lake 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Burrard Inlet 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cache Creek, Village (CSD)
Cahoose 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cahoose 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cahoose 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cameron Bar 13, Indian reserve (CSD)
Campbell River, City (CSD)
Campbell River 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Canal Flats, Village (CSD)
Canim Lake 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Canim Lake 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Canim Lake 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Canoe Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Canoe Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Canoe Creek 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cape Mudge 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Capilano 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Capital F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Capital G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Capital H (Part 1), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Capital H (Part 2), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo I, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo J, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo K, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cariboo L, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Casimiel Meadows 15A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cassimayooks (Mayook) 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Castlegar, City (CSD)
Cayoosh Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Central Coast A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Coast C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Coast D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Coast E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay I, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay J, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Kootenay K, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Okanagan, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Okanagan G, Regional district electoral area (CSD) [Dissolved]
Central Okanagan H, Regional district electoral area (CSD) [Dissolved]
Central Okanagan J, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Central Saanich, District municipality (CSD)
Charley Boy's Meadow 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chase, Village (CSD)
Chaumox 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chawathil 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cheakamus 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cheam 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chehalis 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chekwelp 26, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chekwelp 26A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chemainus 13, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chenahkint 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cheslatta 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chetwynd, District municipality (CSD)
Chilco Lake 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chilco Lake 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chilhil 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chilliwack, City (CSD)
Chopaka 7 & 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chuchhriaschin 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chuchhriaschin 5A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chuchuwayha 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chum Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Clakamucus 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Claoose 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Clinton, Village (CSD)
Coglistiko River 29, Indian reserve (CSD)
Coldstream, District municipality (CSD)
Coldwater 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cole Bay 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Columbia Lake 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Columbia-Shuswap A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Columbia-Shuswap B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Columbia-Shuswap C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Columbia-Shuswap D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Columbia-Shuswap E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Columbia-Shuswap F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Colwood, City (CSD)
Comox, Town (CSD)
Comox 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona I, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona J, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Comox-Strathcona K, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Compton Island 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Coquitlam, City (CSD)
Coquitlam 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Coquitlam 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Coryatsaqua (Moricetown) 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Courtenay, City (CSD)
Cowichan 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cowichan 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cowichan Lake, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cowichan Valley A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cowichan Valley I, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Cranbrook, City (CSD)
Creston, Town (CSD)
Creston 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cumberland, Village (CSD)
Dawson Creek, City (CSD)
Dead Point 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Dease Lake 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Deep Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Delta, District municipality (CSD)
Dog Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Dog Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Doig River 206, Indian reserve (CSD)
Dolphin Island 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Douglas 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Douglas Lake 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Duck Lake 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Duncan, City (CSD)
Duncan Lake 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Dzitline Lee 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
East Kootenay A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
East Kootenay B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
East Kootenay C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
East Kootenay E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
East Kootenay F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
East Kootenay G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
East Moberly Lake 169, Indian reserve (CSD)
East Saanich 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ehatis 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Elhlateese 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Elkford, District municipality (CSD)
Enderby, City (CSD)
Enderby 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Esowista 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Esquimalt, District municipality (CSD)
Esquimalt, Indian reserve (CSD)
Est-Patrolas 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Euchinico Creek 17, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fernie, City (CSD)
Fishtrap 19, Indian reserve (CSD)
Five Mile Point 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fontas 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fort George (Shelley) 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fort Nelson, Town (CSD)
Fort Nelson 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fort Rupert 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fort St. James, District municipality (CSD)
Fort St. John, City (CSD)
Fort Ware 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fountain 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fountain 1B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fountain 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fountain 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fountain 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fountain 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fountain Creek 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Francois Lake 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Franks 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fraser Lake, Village (CSD)
Fraser Valley A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser Valley B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser Valley C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser Valley D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser Valley E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser Valley F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser Valley G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser Valley H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser-Fort George A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser-Fort George C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser-Fort George D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser-Fort George E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser-Fort George F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser-Fort George G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fraser-Fort George H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Fruitvale, Village (CSD)
Galiano Island 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Garden 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Garden 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Gibsons, Town (CSD)
Gingolx, Nisga'a village (CSD)
Gitanmaax 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Gitanyow 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Gitsegukla 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Gitwangak 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Gitwinksihlkw, Nisga'a village (CSD)
Gitzault 24, Indian reserve (CSD)
Glen-Gla-Ouch 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Gold River, Village (CSD)
Golden, Town (CSD)
Good Hope Lake, Indian settlement (CSD)
Gordon River 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Grand Forks, City (CSD)
Granisle, Village (CSD)
Greater Vancouver A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Greenwood, City (CSD)
Guhthe Tah 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Gwayasdums 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Hagwilget 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Halalt 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Halfway River 168, Indian reserve (CSD)
Halhalaeden 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
Halhalaeden 14A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Hamilton Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Hamilton Creek 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Harris 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Harrison Hot Springs, Village (CSD)
Harwood Island 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Hazelton, Village (CSD)
Hesquiat 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
High Bar 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Highlands, District municipality (CSD)
Holachten 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Homalco 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Hope, District municipality (CSD)
Hope Island 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Hopetown 10A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Houpsitas 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Houston, District municipality (CSD)
Hudson's Hope, District municipality (CSD)
Hustalen 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ingenika Point, Indian settlement (CSD)
Inkahtsaph 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Inkluckcheen 21, Indian reserve (CSD)
Inkluckcheen 21B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Inklyuhkinatko 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Invermere, District municipality (CSD)
Isaac (Gale Lake) 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Isidore's Ranch 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Iskut 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ittatsoo 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Jean Baptiste 28, Indian reserve (CSD)
Joeyaska 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Johny Sticks 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kahmoose 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kahntah 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kamloops, City (CSD)
Kamloops 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kanaka Bar 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kanaka Bar 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Karlukwees 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kaslo, Village (CSD)
Katit 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Katzie 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Katzie 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeshan 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kelowna, City (CSD)
Kent, District municipality (CSD)
Keremeos, Village (CSD)
Kil-pah-las 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kimberley, City (CSD)
Kippase 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kispiox 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kitamaat 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kitasoo 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kitimat, District municipality (CSD)
Kitimat-Stikine A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kitimat-Stikine B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kitimat-Stikine C (Part 1), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kitimat-Stikine C (Part 2), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kitimat-Stikine D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kitimat-Stikine E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kitselas 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kitsumkaylum 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kitzowit 20, Indian reserve (CSD)
Klahkamich 17, Indian reserve (CSD)
Klahkowit 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kleetlekut 22, Indian reserve (CSD)
Klehkoot 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Klickkumcheen 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kloklowuck 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kluachon Lake 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kluskus 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kootenay 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kootenay Boundary A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kootenay Boundary B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kootenay Boundary C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kootenay Boundary D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kootenay Boundary E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Kopchitchin 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kowtain 17, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kshish 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kulkayu (Hartley Bay) 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kulspai 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kumcheen 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kuper Island 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kushya Creek 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kuthlalth 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kuz Che 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kwawkwawapilt 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ladysmith, Town (CSD)
Lakahahmen 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lake Country, District municipality (CSD)
Lake Cowichan, Town (CSD)
Laketown 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Langford, City (CSD)
Langley, City (CSD)
Langley, District municipality (CSD)
Langley 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lantzville, District municipality (CSD)
Lax Kw'alaams 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Laxgalts'ap, Nisga'a village (CSD)
Leon Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lezbye 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Liard River 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lillooet, District municipality (CSD)
Lillooet 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lions Bay, Village (CSD)
Little Springs 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Springs 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Logan Lake, District municipality (CSD)
Lohbiee 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Louis Creek 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Louis Squinas Ranch 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lower Hat Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lower Post, Indian settlement (CSD)
Lower Similkameen 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lukseetsissum 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lumby, Village (CSD)
Lyacksun 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lytton, Village (CSD)
Lytton 4A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lytton 4E, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lytton 9A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lytton 9B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mackenzie, District municipality (CSD)
Macoah 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mahmalillikullah 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Malachan 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Malahat 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Maple Ridge, District municipality (CSD)
Marble Canyon 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Marktosis 15, Indian reserve (CSD)
Masset, Village (CSD)
Masset 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Matsayno 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Matsqui 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Matsqui Main 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Maxan Lake 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mayne Island 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
McBride, Village (CSD)
McCartney's Flat 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
McLeod Lake 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
McMillan Island 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Merritt, City (CSD)
Metchosin, District municipality (CSD)
Michel Gardens 36, Indian reserve (CSD)
Midway, Village (CSD)
Mission, District municipality (CSD)
Mission 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mission 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Montrose, Village (CSD)
Moricetown 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mount Currie 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mount Currie 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mount Currie 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mount Currie 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mount Currie 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Mount Waddington A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Mount Waddington B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Mount Waddington C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Mount Waddington D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Musqueam 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Musqueam 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nak'azdli (Necoslie 1), Indian reserve (CSD)
Nakusp, Village (CSD)
Nanaimo, City (CSD)
Nanaimo A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nanaimo B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nanaimo C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nanaimo D, Regional district electoral area (CSD) [Dissolved]
Nanaimo E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nanaimo F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nanaimo G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nanaimo H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nanaimo River 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nanaimo River 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nanaimo River 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nanaimo Town 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nanoose, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nautley (Fort Fraser) 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nazco 20, Indian reserve (CSD)
Necait 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nedoats 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nekalliston 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nekliptum 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nelson, City (CSD)
Nequatque 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nequatque 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nequatque 3A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nesikep 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Neskonlith 1 (Neskainlith 1), Indian reserve (CSD)
Neskonlith 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nesuch 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
New Aiyansh, Nisga'a village (CSD)
New Denver, Village (CSD)
New Hazelton, District municipality (CSD)
New Songhees 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
New Westminster, City (CSD)
Nickel Palm 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nickeyeah 25, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nicola Lake 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nicola Mameet 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nicomen 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nisga'a, Nisga'a land (CSD)
Nkaih 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nohomeen 23, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nooaitch 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
North Bay 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
North Cowichan, District municipality (CSD)
North Okanagan B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
North Okanagan C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
North Okanagan D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
North Okanagan E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
North Okanagan F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
North Saanich, District municipality (CSD)
North Tacla Lake 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
North Tacla Lake 7A, Indian reserve (CSD)
North Thompson 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
North Vancouver, City (CSD)
North Vancouver, District municipality (CSD)
Northern Rockies A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Northern Rockies B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Nuchatl 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nuchatl 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Numukamis 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nuuautin 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Oak Bay, District municipality (CSD)
Oclucje 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ohamil 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Okanagan (Part) 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Okanagan (Part) 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen G, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Okanagan-Similkameen H, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Oliver, Town (CSD)
Omineca 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
One Hundred Mile House, District municipality (CSD)
Openit 27, Indian reserve (CSD)
Opitsat 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Oregon Jack Creek 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Osoyoos, Town (CSD)
Osoyoos 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Oyster Bay 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pacheena 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Palling 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Papyum 27, Indian reserve (CSD)
Papyum 27A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Parksville, City (CSD)
Parsnip 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pashilqua 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Paska Island 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Paul's Basin 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pavilion 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Peace River B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Peace River C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Peace River D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Peace River E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Peachland, District municipality (CSD)
Pemberton, Village (CSD)
Pemynoos 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Penticton, City (CSD)
Penticton 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pentledge 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Peters 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pitt Meadows, District municipality (CSD)
Poison Creek 17A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Popkum 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Port Alberni, City (CSD)
Port Alice, Village (CSD)
Port Clements, Village (CSD)
Port Coquitlam, City (CSD)
Port Edward, District municipality (CSD)
Port Hardy, District municipality (CSD)
Port McNeill, Town (CSD)
Port Moody, City (CSD)
Portier Pass 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pouce Coupe, Village (CSD)
Powell River, City (CSD)
Powell River A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Powell River B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Powell River C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Powell River D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Powell River E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Priest's Valley 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Prince George, City (CSD)
Prince Rupert, City (CSD)
Princeton, Town (CSD)
Prophet River 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Puckatholetchin 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Puntzi Lake 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Quaaout 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Quaee 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Qualicum, Indian reserve (CSD)
Qualicum Beach, Town (CSD)
Quatsino Subdivision 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Quattishe 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Queen Charlotte, Village (CSD)
Quesnel, City (CSD)
Quesnel 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Quinsam 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Radium Hot Springs, Village (CSD)
Redstone Flat 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Refuge Cove 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Revelstoke, City (CSD)
Richmond, City (CSD)
Rossland, City (CSD)
Ruby Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
S1/2 Tsimpsean 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saaiyouck 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saanich, District municipality (CSD)
Sachsa 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sachteen 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sachteen 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saddle Rock 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sahhaltkum 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Salmo, Village (CSD)
Salmon Arm, City (CSD)
Salmon River 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Salmon River Meadow 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Samahquam 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sandy Harry 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sayward, Village (CSD)
Schaltuuch 27, Indian reserve (CSD)
Schelowat 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Schkam 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Scotch Creek 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Scowlitz 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seabird Island, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seah 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seaichem 16, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seaspunkut 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sechelt, District municipality (CSD)
Sechelt (Part), Indian government district (CSD)
Sechelt (Part), Indian government district (CSD)
Semiahmoo, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seton Lake 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seton Lake 5A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seymour Creek 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Seymour Meadows 19, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shackan 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shawniken 4B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shingle Point 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sho-ook 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shuswap, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sicamous, District municipality (CSD)
Sidney, Town (CSD)
Sik-e-dakh 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Silverton, Village (CSD)
Siska Flat 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Siska Flat 5A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Siska Flat 5B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Siska Flat 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skawahlook 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Skeena-Queen Charlotte F, Regional district electoral area (CSD) [Dissolved]
Skeetchestn, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skidegate 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skins Lake 16A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skins Lake 16B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skookumchuck 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skowkale 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skowkale 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skuppah 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skuppah 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwah 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwahla 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwali 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skway 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skwayaynope 26, Indian reserve (CSD)
Skweahm 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sliammon 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Slocan, Village (CSD)
Slosh 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Slosh 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Smithers, Town (CSD)
Soda Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sooke, District municipality (CSD)
Soowahlie 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
South Saanich 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sowchea 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spallumcheen, District municipality (CSD)
Sparwood, District municipality (CSD)
Spatsum 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spences Bridge 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spences Bridge 4C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Speyum 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spintlum Flat 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Spuzzum 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squaam 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squamish, District municipality (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet C, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squamish-Lillooet D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Squaw-hay-one 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squawkum Creek 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squiaala 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squiaala 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squinas 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Squirrel Cove 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Staiyahanny 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stawamus 24, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stellaquo (Stella) 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stewart, District municipality (CSD)
Stikine Region, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Stone 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stony Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stryen 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stuart Bay 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stullawheets 8, Indian reserve (CSD)
Summerland, District municipality (CSD)
Sundayman's Meadow 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sunshine Coast A, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast B, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast D, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast E, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Sunshine Coast F, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Surrey, City (CSD)
Swahliseah 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
Swan Lake 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Switsemalph 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Switsemalph 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Switsemalph 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tache 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tacla Lake (Ferry Landing) 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tadinlay 15, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tahltan 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tahsis, Village (CSD)
Tanakut 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tatelkus Lake 28, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tatla West 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tatla't East 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tatpo-oose 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Taylor, District municipality (CSD)
Telegraph Creek 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Telegraph Creek 6A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Telkwa, Village (CSD)
Terrace, City (CSD)
Theik 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Thomas Point 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Thomas Squinas Ranch 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola A (Wells Gray Country), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola B (Thompson Headwaters), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola E (Bonaparte Plateau), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola I (Blue Sky Country), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola J (Copper Desert Country), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola L, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola M, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola N, Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola O (Lower North Thompson), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Thompson-Nicola P (Rivers and the Peaks), Regional district electoral area (CSD)
Tin Wis 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tipella 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tobacco Plains 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Toby's Meadow 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tofino, District municipality (CSD)
Toosey 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tork 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Towdystan Lake 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Towinock 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Trail, City (CSD)
Trout Lake Alec 16, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsa Xana 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsahaheh 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsaukan 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsawwassen, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsay Cho 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tseatah 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsinstikeptum 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsinstikeptum 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
T'Sou-ke 1 (Sooke 1), Indian reserve (CSD)
T'Sou-ke 2 (Sooke 2), Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsulquate 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsunnia Lake 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tsussie 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tuckkwiowhum 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tumbler Ridge, District municipality (CSD)
Tzart-Lam 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tzeachten 13, Indian reserve (CSD)
Tzetzi Lake 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ucluelet, District municipality (CSD)
Ulkatcho 13, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ulkatcho 14A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Uncha Lake 13A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Union Bay 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Unnamed 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Upper Hat Creek 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Upper Nepa 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Upper Sumas 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Valemount, Village (CSD)
Vancouver, City (CSD)
Vanderhoof, District municipality (CSD)
Vernon, City (CSD)
Victoria, City (CSD)
View Royal, Town (CSD)
Village Island 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Waiwakum 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
Warfield, Village (CSD)
Wells, District municipality (CSD)
West Moberly Lake 168A, Indian reserve (CSD)
West Vancouver, District municipality (CSD)
Whispering Pines 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Whistler, District municipality (CSD)
White Rock, City (CSD)
Whonnock 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Williams Lake, City (CSD)
Williams Lake 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Williams Prairie Meadow 1A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Windy Mouth 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Woyenne 27, Indian reserve (CSD)
Wyah 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Yakweakwioose 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Yale Town 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Yawaucht 11, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ye Koo Che 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Yekwaupsum 18, Indian reserve (CSD)
Yuquot 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Zacht 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Zeballos, Village (CSD)
Zoht 4, Indian reserve (CSD)

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