2006 Census Topic-based tabulations

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Aboriginal Identity (8), Condition of Dwelling (4), Number of Persons per Room (5), Age Groups (7) and Sex (3) for the Population in Private Households of Canada, Provinces, Territories and Census Metropolitan Areas, 2006 Census - 20% Sample Data

About this variable: Age groups (7)



Part A - Plain language definition
Not applicable

Part B - Detailed definition
Refers to the age at last birthday (as of the census reference date, May 16, 2006). This variable is derived from Date of birth.


  1. Total - Age groups
  2. Under 15 years
  3. 15 to 24 years
  4. 25 to 44 years
  5. 45 to 64 years
  6. 65 to 74 years
  7. 75 years and over