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Appendix M
Major Field of Study (MFS) - Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes
Classification of the 2006 countries of citizenship

New on February 14, 2008


Appendix M1
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Educational, recreational and counselling services
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Educational, recreational and counselling services
Education – General
001 Education – General COLL_UNIV
Elementary-primary education
002 Elementary school teaching – General COLL_UNIV
003 Elementary school teaching – Specialized COLL_UNIV
004 Early childhood education COLL_UNIV
Secondary education (basic)
005 Secondary school teaching COLL_UNIV
006 English language teaching COLL_UNIV
007 French language teaching COLL_UNIV
008 Other language teaching COLL_UNIV
009 Mathematics and/or science teaching COLL_UNIV
010 Computer teaching COLL_UNIV
011 Social studies teaching COLL_UNIV
012 Secondary basic curriculum – Other COLL_UNIV
Secondary education (specialized)
013 Adult education COLL_UNIV
014 Art and fine art education COLL_UNIV
015 Business education COLL_UNIV
016 Home economics education COLL_UNIV
017 Industrial/vocational education COLL_UNIV
018 Music education COLL_UNIV
019 Religious education COLL_UNIV
Special education
021 Special education teaching COLL_UNIV
023 Native education ALL_UCT
026 Special education – Other COLL_UNIV
Non-teaching educational fields
027 Educational technology ALL_UCT
028 Educational administration COLL_UNIV
029 Educational psychology and measurement COLL_UNIV
031 Philosophy of education COLL_UNIV
032 Educational assistant TRADE_COLL
Physical education, health and recreation
033 Physical education and health COLL_UNIV
034 Kinesiology COLL_UNIV
035 Recreation COLL_UNIV
036 Outdoor recreation COLL_UNIV
037 Travel and tourism TRADE_COLL
038 Sports administration ALL_UCT
039 Fitness and other physical recreation ALL_UCT
Counselling services and personal development
040 Counselling services – General COLL_UNIV
041 Counselling psychology COLL_UNIV
042 Marriage, family and life skills counselling COLL_UNIV
043 Vocational counselling ALL_UCT
044 Counselling services – Other ALL_UCT
Other education
045 Education, n.e.c. – Other ALL_UCT
046 Postsecondary education training COLL_UNIV
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Appendix M2
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Fine and applied arts
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Fine and applied arts
Fine arts
047 Fine arts – General COLL_UNIV
048 Art studies COLL_UNIV
049 Art history COLL_UNIV
050 Painting and drawing ALL_UCT
051 Ceramics and pottery ALL_UCT
052 Sculpture ALL_UCT
053 Music and musicology ALL_UCT
054 Music composition COLL_UNIV
055 Piano ALL_UCT
056 Music history and theory COLL_UNIV
057 Vocal music ALL_UCT
Other performing arts
058 Performing arts – General ALL_UCT
059 Dance COLL_UNIV
060 Drama COLL_UNIV
061 Theatre arts COLL_UNIV
Commercial art
062 Commercial art – General TRADE_COLL
063 Advertising art TRADE_COLL
064 Modeling TRADE_COLL
Graphic and audio-visual arts
065 Graphic arts and design ALL_UCT
066 Lithography TRADE_COLL
067 Photography TRADE_COLL
069 Printing and publishing TRADE_COLL
070 Audio-visual arts ALL_UCT
Creative and design arts


Creative and design arts – General ALL_UCT


Handicrafts (arts and crafts) TRADE_COLL


Interior design and decorating ALL_UCT
Hairdressing, esthetics and other applied arts


Applied arts – General TRADE_COLL


Barbering TRADE_COLL


Beauty culture and cosmetology TRADE_COLL


Hairdressing TRADE_COLL


Upholstery and furniture TRADE_COLL


Applied arts – Repair and renovation TRADE_COLL
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Appendix M3
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Humanities and related fields
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level
  1. Includes American, British and Canadian (English) literature.
  2. Includes French Canadian and European French literature.

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Humanities and related fields
Classics and classical languages
080 Classics COLL_UNIV
081 Latin, Greek and other classical languages COLL_UNIV
083 History – General COLL_UNIV
084 Canadian history COLL_UNIV
085 Medieval and ancient history COLL_UNIV
087 History – Other COLL_UNIV
Library and records science
088 Library/documentation science ALL_UCT
089 Museology, museum studies ALL_UCT
Communications and media studies
090 Communications COLL_UNIV
091 Cinematography, film studies COLL_UNIV
092 Radio and television COLL_UNIV
093 Journalism, news reporting ALL_UCT
English language and literature
094 English language and literature – General COLL_UNIV
097 English and French literature COLL_UNIV
098 English language and literature – Specialized1 COLL_UNIV
French language and literature
099 French language and literature – General COLL_UNIV
102 French language and literature – Specialized2 COLL_UNIV
Other languages and literature
103 Comparative literature COLL_UNIV
104 Asian languages and literature COLL_UNIV
105 Germanic language and literature COLL_UNIV
106 Italian language and literature COLL_UNIV
107 Slavic or Eastern European languages and literature COLL_UNIV
108 Linguistics COLL_UNIV
109 Other languages and literature COLL_UNIV
110 Philosophy – General COLL_UNIV
111 Political philosophy COLL_UNIV
113 Political economy COLL_UNIV
114 Philosophy – Specialized COLL_UNIV
Religious studies
115 Religion, religious studies COLL_UNIV
116 Comparative religion COLL_UNIV
117 Divinity COLL_UNIV
118 Theology COLL_UNIV
119 Religious studies – Other COLL_UNIV
Other humanities and related fields
120 Humanities – General arts COLL_UNIV
121 Second language training ALL_UCT
122 Translation and interpretation COLL_UNIV
123 Creative writing COLL_UNIV
124 Humanities and related fields, n.e.c. – Other ALL_UCT
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Appendix M4
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Social sciences and related fields
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level
  1. Includes Canadian and comparative politics.
  2. Includes ethnic sociology.

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Social sciences and related fields
125 Anthropology – General COLL_UNIV
127 Physical anthropology COLL_UNIV
128 Anthropology – Other COLL_UNIV
130 Archeology COLL_UNIV
Area studies (neither languages nor literature)
131 Asian studies COLL_UNIV
132 Canadian studies COLL_UNIV
133 Germanic studies COLL_UNIV
134 Latin American studies COLL_UNIV
135 Islamic and Near Eastern studies COLL_UNIV
136 Russian and Slavic studies COLL_UNIV
137 Area studies – Other COLL_UNIV
138 Economics – General COLL_UNIV
139 Agricultural economics COLL_UNIV
140 Econometrics and mathematical economics COLL_UNIV
141 International development COLL_UNIV
143 Economics – Other COLL_UNIV
144 Geography – General COLL_UNIV
145 Cartography ALL_UCT
146 Economic geography COLL_UNIV
147 Historical geography COLL_UNIV
148 Human and social geography COLL_UNIV
149 Environmental geography COLL_UNIV
150 Physical geography COLL_UNIV
151 Urban geography COLL_UNIV
152 Geography – Other COLL_UNIV
Law and jurisprudence
153 Law and jurisprudence – General COLL_UNIV
154 Civil/criminal/family law COLL_UNIV
155 Commercial/business law COLL_UNIV
156 Constitutional and international law COLL_UNIV
157 Law – Other COLL_UNIV
Environmental studies
158 Environmental studies – General COLL_UNIV
159 Human ecology COLL_UNIV
160 Resource management COLL_UNIV
161 Urban and regional planning COLL_UNIV
Political science
162 Political science – General COLL_UNIV
163 Political science and economics COLL_UNIV
165 International relations COLL_UNIV
166 Political science – Other1 COLL_UNIV
167 Psychology – General COLL_UNIV
168 Early childhood development COLL_UNIV
169 Clinical and experimental psychology COLL_UNIV
170 Social psychology COLL_UNIV
171 Psychology – Other behavioural sciences COLL_UNIV
172 Sociology – General COLL_UNIV
173 Criminology COLL_UNIV
174 Demography COLL_UNIV
176 Family studies COLL_UNIV
177 Sociology – Other2 COLL_UNIV
Social work and social services
178 Social work – General COLL_UNIV
179 Child and youth care ALL_UCT
180 Corrections TRADE_COLL
181 Gerontology ALL_UCT
182 Law enforcement TRADE_COLL
183 Protection services (fire and other) TRADE_COLL
184 Social services – Other ALL_UCT
Military and armed forces
185 Military and armed forces COLL_UNIV
Other social sciences and related fields
186 Social sciences – General COLL_UNIV
187 Social sciences and related, n.e.c. – Other ALL_UCT
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Appendix M5
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Commerce, management and business administration
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Commerce, management and business administration
Business and commerce
188 Business and commerce – General COLL_UNIV
189 Business administration COLL_UNIV
190 International business and trade COLL_UNIV
191 Business and commerce – Other ALL_UCT
Financial management
192 Financial management – General COLL_UNIV
193 Accounting COLL_UNIV
194 Assessment and appraisal COLL_UNIV
195 Financial management – Other ALL_UCT
Industrial management and public administration
196 Industrial relations/management ALL_UCT
197 Labour relations ALL_UCT
198 Public administration COLL_UNIV
199 Human resources management COLL_UNIV
200 Industrial management and administration – Other ALL_UCT
Institutional management and administration
201 Health administration COLL_UNIV
202 Hotel and food administration ALL_UCT
203 Funeral directing and embalming ALL_UCT
204 Hospitality and tourism ALL_UCT
205 Institutional management – Other ALL_UCT
Marketing, merchandising, retailing and sales
206 Public relations and customer services ALL_UCT
207 Marketing COLL_UNIV
208 Merchandising ALL_UCT
209 Retailing and sales ALL_UCT
210 Marketing and sales – Other ALL_UCT
Office administration, secretarial and clerical
211 Secretarial/administrative – General ALL_UCT
212 Bank and financial clerk TRADE_COLL
213 Office systems technology TRADE_COLL
214 Court reporting ALL_UCT
215 Health records technician ALL_UCT
216 Legal secretary/assistant ALL_UCT
217 Medical secretary, medical office assistant ALL_UCT
218 Secretarial accounting/bookkeeping TRADE_COLL
219 Word processing TRADE_COLL
220 Administrative/clerical – Other TRADE_COLL
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Appendix M6
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Agricultural, biological, nutritional, and food sciences
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Agricultural, biological, nutritional, and food sciences
Agricultural science
221 Agricultural science – General COLL_UNIV
222 Animal science – General COLL_UNIV
223 Crop science/agronomy COLL_UNIV
224 Food science COLL_UNIV
225 Horticulture/floriculture COLL_UNIV
226 Plant science COLL_UNIV
227 Floral design/florist ALL_UCT
228 Soil science/agrology COLL_UNIV
229 Agricultural science – Other COLL_UNIV
Agricultural technology
230 Agricultural technology – General TRADE_COLL
231 Agricultural business ALL_UCT
232 Farming TRADE_COLL
233 Agricultural technology – Other TRADE_COLL
Animal science technologies
234 Animal health technology TRADE_COLL
235 Dairy and livestock technology TRADE_COLL
236 Equine studies TRADE_COLL
237 Veterinary technician/animal care TRADE_COLL
238 Animal science technologies – Other TRADE_COLL
239 Biochemistry COLL_UNIV
240 Biology – General COLL_UNIV
241 Genetics UNIV_ONLY
242 Microbiology and bacteriology COLL_UNIV
243 Molecular biology UNIV_ONLY
244 Biology – Other COLL_UNIV
245 Biophysics UNIV_ONLY
246 Botany – General ALL_UCT
247 Phycology COLL_UNIV
248 Plant sciences – Specialized COLL_UNIV
Food services, nutrition, and other household sciences
249 Homemaker ALL_UCT
250 Consumer studies ALL_UCT
251 Clothing and textiles TRADE_COLL
252 Nutrition and dietetics ALL_UCT
253 Food services and preparation TRADE_COLL
254 Home economics ALL_UCT
Veterinary medicine/science
255 Veterinary medicine COLL_UNIV
256 Veterinary science and pathology COLL_UNIV
257 Zoology – General COLL_UNIV
258 Animal biology COLL_UNIV
259 Entomology COLL_UNIV
260 Fisheries biology COLL_UNIV
261 Marine biology COLL_UNIV
262 Wildlife biology COLL_UNIV
Other agricultural and biological science/technologies
263 Aquaculture and fisheries TRADE_COLL
264 Food processing technologies – General TRADE_COLL
265 Trapping TRADE_COLL
266 Natural sciences ALL_UCT
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Appendix M7
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Engineering and applied sciences
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Engineering and applied sciences
Architecture and architectural engineering
267 Architecture – General UNIV_ONLY
268 Architectural engineering/design UNIV_ONLY
269 Industrial design UNIV_ONLY
Aeronautical and aerospace engineering
270 Aeronautical and aerospace engineering UNIV_ONLY
Biological and chemical engineering
271 Biochemical engineering UNIV_ONLY
272 Biomedical engineering UNIV_ONLY
273 Chemical engineering UNIV_ONLY
Civil engineering
274 Civil engineering UNIV_ONLY
Systems design engineering
275 Systems design engineering UNIV_ONLY
Electrical/electronic engineering
276 Computer engineering UNIV_ONLY
277 Electrical/electronic engineering – General UNIV_ONLY
278 Sound and recording engineering COLL_UNIV
Industrial engineering
279 Industrial engineering – General UNIV_ONLY
Mechanical engineering
280 Mechanical engineering – General UNIV_ONLY
281 Instrumentation engineering UNIV_ONLY
282 Power engineering UNIV_ONLY
Mining, metallurgical and petroleum engineering
283 Geological engineering UNIV_ONLY
284 Metallurgical engineering UNIV_ONLY
285 Mining engineering UNIV_ONLY
286 Petroleum engineering UNIV_ONLY
Resources and environmental engineering
287 Agricultural engineering UNIV_ONLY
288 Environmental/resource engineering UNIV_ONLY
289 Marine engineering UNIV_ONLY
290 Water resources engineering UNIV_ONLY
Engineering science
291 Engineering science – General UNIV_ONLY
292 Engineering physics UNIV_ONLY
Engineering, n.e.c.
293 Engineering, n.e.c. UNIV_ONLY
294 Forestry – General COLL_UNIV
295 Forest engineering COLL_UNIV
296 Forest wildlife management COLL_UNIV
298 Forestry – Other COLL_UNIV
Landscape architecture
299 Landscape architecture – General UNIV_ONLY
300 Landscape horticulture ALL_UCT
301 Landscape technology TRADE_COLL
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Appendix M8
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Applied science technologies and trades
MFS Code Major, minor and unit levels Level

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Applied science technologies and trades
Architectural technology
302 Architectural technology – General TRADE_COLL
303 Architectural drafting TRADE_COLL
Chemical technology
304 Chemical technology – General TRADE_COLL
305 Biotechnology TRADE_COLL
306 Plastics engineering technology TRADE_COLL
307 Textile engineering technology TRADE_COLL
Building technologies
308 Boat, shipbuilding and naval architecture ALL_UCT
309 Building technology TRADE_COLL
310 Construction electrician TRADE_COLL
311 Drywall, lathing, plastering TRADE_COLL
312 Heat and insulation TRADE_COLL
313 Interior finishing TRADE_COLL
314 Masonry (brick, concrete, stone) TRADE_COLL
315 Plumbing and related pipe trades TRADE_COLL
316 Welding technologies TRADE_COLL
317 Woodworking, carpentry TRADE_COLL
Data processing and computer technologies
318 Data processing and data entry TRADE_COLL
319 Computer science technology TRADE_COLL
320 Computer programming TRADE_COLL
321 Microcomputer and information systems TRADE_COLL
Electronic and electrical technologies
322 Electronic technology TRADE_COLL
323 Electrical technology TRADE_COLL
324 Radar technology ALL_UCT
325 Radio and television technology TRADE_COLL
326 Telecommunications technology ALL_UCT
327 Electronic and electrical technology – Other TRADE_COLL
Environmental and conservation technologies
328 Environmental technology – General TRADE_COLL
329 Water treatment technologies TRADE_COLL
330 Forest conservation technologies TRADE_COLL
331 Renewable resources technology TRADE_COLL
332 Fish and wildlife technology TRADE_COLL
General and civil engineering technologies
333 Civil engineering technologies – General TRADE_COLL
334 Construction technologies, n.e.c. TRADE_COLL
335 Drafting – General TRADE_COLL
336 Drafting – Specialized TRADE_COLL
337 Instrumentation technology TRADE_COLL
338 Non-plumbing piping technologies TRADE_COLL
339 Surveying technology TRADE_COLL
Industrial engineering technologies
340 Industrial millwright TRADE_COLL
341 Air conditioning and refrigeration TRADE_COLL
342 Clothing/fabric products TRADE_COLL
343 Machinist, machine shop TRADE_COLL
344 Pattern making TRADE_COLL
345 Sewing machine operator TRADE_COLL
346 Sheet metal TRADE_COLL
347 Tool and die TRADE_COLL
348 Industrial technologies – Other ALL_UCT
Mechanical engineering technologies
349 Mechanical engineering technology – General TRADE_COLL
350 Aircraft/aviation/avionics engineering technology TRADE_COLL
351 Agricultural mechanics TRADE_COLL
352 Aircraft maintenance mechanics TRADE_COLL
353 Automobile mechanics TRADE_COLL
354 Heavy equipment mechanics TRADE_COLL
355 Marine mechanics TRADE_COLL
356 Office/business machine technician TRADE_COLL
357 Small engine repair TRADE_COLL
358 Power/stationary engineering TRADE_COLL
Primary resource industrial processing
359 Forest products technology TRADE_COLL
360 Mining technology TRADE_COLL
361 Petroleum technologies TRADE_COLL
362 Water well drilling and primary resources – Other TRADE_COLL
Transportation technologies
363 Transportation technology – General TRADE_COLL
364 Air transportation technology TRADE_COLL
365 Marine navigation TRADE_COLL
366 Motor transportation – Commercial/public TRADE_COLL
367 Motor transportation – driving instructor TRADE_COLL
368 Rail transportation TRADE_COLL
Other engineering technologies, n.e.c.
369 Other engineering technologies, n.e.c. ALL_UCT
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Appendix M9
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Health professions and related technologies
Major, minor and unit levels Level
  1. Includes medical embryology/genetics.
  2. Includes plastic surgery.
  3. Includes dental assistants, paramedics, x-ray technicians and chiropractic technology.

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Health professions and related technologies
370 Dentistry - General UNIV_ONLY
371 Dental surgery UNIV_ONLY
372 Orthodontics UNIV_ONLY
373 Dental specialties UNIV_ONLY
Medicine - General
375 General practice medicine UNIV_ONLY
Medicine - Basic medical sciences
376 Medical anatomy UNIV_ONLY
378 Medical biophysics and biochemistry UNIV_ONLY
380 Medical neurophysiology UNIV_ONLY
381 Medical pharmacology COLL_UNIV
382 Medical physiology UNIV_ONLY
383 Basic medical sciences - Other1 COLL_UNIV
Medical specializations (non-surgical)
384 Neuroscience UNIV_ONLY
385 Paediatrics UNIV_ONLY
386 Psychiatry UNIV_ONLY
387 Radiology COLL_UNIV
388 Medical specializations - Other COLL_UNIV
Paraclinical sciences
390 Medical immunology UNIV_ONLY
391 Medical microbiology and immunology UNIV_ONLY
392 Medical pathology UNIV_ONLY
393 Medical parasitology and virology UNIV_ONLY
Surgery and surgical specializations
394 Surgery - General UNIV_ONLY
395 Obstetrics and gynaecology UNIV_ONLY
396 Orthopaedic surgery UNIV_ONLY
398 Surgical specialties - Other2 UNIV_ONLY
399 Nursing - General COLL_UNIV
400 Critical care nursing COLL_UNIV
401 Gerontology nursing COLL_UNIV
402 Medical nursing COLL_UNIV
403 Midwifery and obstetric nursing COLL_UNIV
404 Psychiatric nursing COLL_UNIV
405 Public health nursing COLL_UNIV
406 Nursing - Other COLL_UNIV
Nursing assistance
407 Nursing assistant - General TRADE_COLL
408 Health care aide TRADE_COLL
409 Long-term care aide TRADE_COLL
410 Nursing aide TRADE_COLL
411 Optometry COLL_UNIV
Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
412 Pharmacy COLL_UNIV
413 Pharmaceutical sciences/technology COLL_UNIV
Public health
414 Public health - General ALL-UCT
415 Community health ALL-UCT
416 Dental hygiene COLL_UNIV
417 Epidemiology and biostatistics COLL_UNIV
418 Industrial health ALL-UCT
419 Industrial hygiene COLL_UNIV
Rehabilitation medicine
421 Rehabilitation - General COLL_UNIV
422 Speech language pathology COLL_UNIV
423 Occupational and physical therapy COLL_UNIV
424 Physiotherapy COLL_UNIV
Medical laboratory and diagnostic technology
425 Medical laboratory technology COLL_UNIV
426 Biological laboratory technology and cytology ALL_UCT
427 Biomedical electronic technology ALL_UCT
428 Dental technician ALL_UCT
429 Radiological technology COLL_UNIV
Medical professions and treatment technologies3
430 Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) TRADE_COLL
431 Chiropractic technology COLL_UNIV
432 Dental assistant TRADE_COLL
433 Emergency paramedical technology TRADE_COLL
434 Mental health counselling TRADE_COLL
435 Respiratory therapy technology TRADE_COLL
436 Ultrasound technology TRADE_COLL
437 X-ray - Radiography TRADE_COLL
438 X-ray - Radiation therapy TRADE_COLL
439 Medical treatment technologies - Other TRADE_COLL
Optician, optical dispensing, prosthetics and orthotics
440 Optician, optical dispensing, prosthetics and orthotics ALL_UCT
Alternative medicine and other health sciences
441 Alternative medicine and other health sciences, n.e.c. ALL_UCT
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Appendix M10
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – Mathematics, computer and physical sciences
Major, minor and unit levels Level
  1. Includes spectroscopy.
  2. Includes petrology, petrography, stratigraphy and sedimentology.
  3. Includes biological oceanography, fisheries oceanography and marine sciences, n.e.c. – Other.
  4. Includes high-energy, particle and solid-state physics.

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

Mathematics, computer and physical sciences
Actuarial science
442 Actuarial science - General COLL_UNIV
Computer science and other applied mathematics
443 Applied mathematics - General COLL_UNIV
444 Computer science - General COLL_UNIV
445 Computer science - Systems analysis COLL_UNIV
446 Operations research COLL_UNIV
447 Applied mathematics - Other COLL_UNIV
448 Chemistry - General COLL_UNIV
449 Analytical chemistry COLL_UNIV
450 Inorganic and organic chemistry COLL_UNIV
452 Physical chemistry COLL_UNIV
453 Mathematical and theoretical chemistry COLL_UNIV
454 Chemistry - Other1 COLL_UNIV
Geology and related fields
455 Geology COLL_UNIV
456 Geochemistry COLL_UNIV
457 Geophysics COLL_UNIV
458 Hydrogeology and hydrology COLL_UNIV
459 Gemology COLL_UNIV
460 Geology - Other2 COLL_UNIV
Mathematical statistics
463 Statistics UNIV_ONLY
464 Mathematics COLL_UNIV
Metallurgy and materials science
465 Metallurgy COLL_UNIV
466 Meteorology COLL_UNIV
Oceanography and marine sciences
467 Oceanography and marine sciences3 UNIV_ONLY
471 Physics - General COLL_UNIV
472 Astronomy UNIV_ONLY
473 Nuclear physics UNIV_ONLY
474 Chemistry physics UNIV_ONLY
477 Theoretical and mathematical physics COLL_UNIV
478 Physics - Other4 COLL_UNIV
General sciences
479 General science COLL_UNIV
480 Science lab technology TRADE_COLL
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Appendix M11
Major Field of Study (MFS) – Classification using major field of study (MFS) codes – No specialization
Major, minor and unit levels Level

Source : Housing Familiy and Social Statistics Division (March 1990)

No specialization
481 All other, n.e.c. ALL_UCT
482 No specialization ALL_UCT