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Census of Agriculture products and services

Census of Agriculture data at work

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The Census of Agriculture is the cornerstone of Canada's agriculture statistics program. Governments use Census of Agriculture data to develop, operate and evaluate agricultural policies and programs. Statistics Canada uses the data as benchmarks for estimating crops, livestock and farm finances between census years.

Users in the private sector see the Census of Agriculture as an important window on the agricultural industry. Agribusiness evaluates market potential, and makes production and investment decisions based on census data; farm boards and organizations use Census of Agriculture data as a foundation for their discussions with governments and trade organizations. Governments and farm organizations use census data to evaluate the impact on agriculture of natural disasters such as the floods in Manitoba's Red River area and in the Saguenay region of Quebec, the 1998 ice storm in Eastern Canada, and the drought conditions of 2001. Academics base much of their economic analysis of agriculture on data from the Census of Agriculture.

The Census of Agriculture serves all of these needs by offering a variety of products and services.

Data products

Basic counts and totals for all 2006 farm and farm operator variables became available online on May 16, 2007. These data were tabulated at the national and provincial levels, as well as at all three subprovincial levels (census agricultural region, census division and census consolidated subdivision).

The second release of the 2006 Census of Agriculture data, available in the fall of 2007, will include all farm and farm operator variables for 2006 plus selected Census of Population variables, accessible by individual community name, to the census consolidated subdivisions level. The selected community and its related census consolidated subdivision, census division, census agricultural region and province are all displayed on maps. Also available in the fall of 2007 will be the selected historical farm and farm operator data.

In the fall of 2008, the final online release of data will include selected 2006 and historical data on socio-economic characteristics of farm operators, data on the farm population, and income profiles of census farm families and households from the agriculture-population linkage database.

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Analytical product

Canadian Agriculture at a Glance

Agriculture Division's flagship publication, Canadian Agriculture at a Glance, will be available in book format in the spring of 2009. However, beginning in the fall of 2007, selected articles will be available online. 'Glance' will retain its format of short analytical articles, written in lively and readable text, on the many different aspects of agriculture and its people in Canada. These articles are complemented by maps, full-colour photos, graphs and charts that give its diverse array of subjects an eye-catching and informative visual interpretation. The book is designed with students in mind, avoiding jargon and explaining issues in understandable terms. 'Glance' will continue its tradition of marrying Census of Agriculture data with other Statistics Canada and external data sources. Hands-on teaching exercises will be available as part of most articles as they are released.

Custom data products and services

The User Services Unit of the Census of Agriculture can tailor products and tabulations to meet the special data requirements of clients. Custom tabulations allow the user to create unique tables from the 2006 Census of Agriculture and agriculture-population linkage databases (from 1971 to 2006 [available in the fall of 2008] except for the 1976 Census), as well as selected historical data (every census year available since 1921).

Subject to confidentiality restrictions, custom tabulations can be produced for Census of Agriculture standard geographic areas, as well as user-defined areas.

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The data products mentioned previously are all available on Statistics Canada website for free on their respective day of release. Pricing for each custom data products and services are based on the consulting time that is required for developing the product, the number of geographic areas and variables requested, and the data processing requirements for the custom product. The print version of Canadian Agriculture at a Glance, available in the spring of 2009, will have a fixed price subject to educational and volume discounts. The articles available online beginning September 2007 will be free.


Custom products are available in a variety of output media (print, CD-R and electronic data transfer), depending on the users' requirements.

Service centres

To obtain more information on the data, products and services available from the Census of Agriculture, please contact Statistics Canada's National Contact Centre, the Census of Agriculture User Services Unit (toll-free at 1-800-465-1991) or consult the Statistics Canada Online Catalogue or Agriculture Division's People, Products and Services, Catalogue no. 21F0003GIE.

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