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More information on Landed immigrant status


2006 (1/5 sample), 2001 (1/5 sample), 1996 (1/5 sample), 1991 (1/5 sample)

Reported for:

Total population, excluding institutional residents

Question number:

Direct variable: Question 11


Response categories included 'No' and 'Yes'.


In 2006, the Landed immigrant status question asked: 'Is this person now, or has this person ever been, a landed immigrant?'

A note provided below the question stated that 'A ‘landed immigrant' (permanent resident) is a person who has been granted the right to live in Canada permanently by immigration authorities'.

The landed immigrant status question, along with the citizenship question, is used to identify the non-immigrant population (Canadian citizens by birth), the immigrant population (landed immigrants) and the non-permanent resident population (people from another country who have a Work or Study Permit, or who were refugee claimants at the time of the census, and family members living here with them).

Respondents who are Canadian citizens by naturalization, but who have been landed immigrants to Canada, were to mark 'Yes' to Question 11, and are included in the immigrant population in census data. In addition, respondents who were landed immigrants and who had not obtained Canadian citizenship (by naturalization) were also to mark 'Yes' to Question 11, and are included in the immigrant population in census data.

Respondents who are Canadian citizens by birth and non-permanent residents were to mark 'No' to the landed immigrant status question (Question 11).