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Target group profiles

Catalogue no. 97C0002

Modified on November 1, 2007

Major characteristics

Semi-custom tabulations allow users to replicate the data content of standard topic-based tabulations for custom geographies or a fixed profile for custom geographies or custom target groups. The fixed profile, which cannot be modified, contains a wide range of census characteristics in a compact and easy to use format. The data content is similar to, but not the same as the standard profile published on our website. Semi-custom tabulations contain three types of tables, semi-custom profiles, target group profiles and semi-custom cross tabulations.

Target group profiles replicate a fixed profile for a custom target group (such as a specific ethnic group or linguistic group). This format allows for easier analysis of the characteristics of a target group on its own. In addition to the target group, the geography desired can also be customized. The content pertains to the universe of individuals only (no family, household, or dwelling data are available). Additional costs apply for creation of the target group and for creation of any custom geographies. Note: target group profiles can only be created for the 1991 to 2006 censuses.

What's new?

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Standard geography, as well as user-defined custom geographies.

Internet access

Not applicable.

Other delivery methods

Available in a variety of output media (print, CD-R and electronic data transfer).

Contact Statistics Canada's National Contact Centre.


20% data - Beginning September 12, 2007.

Price/Price range

The base price of a semi-custom tabulation is CAN$305 plus area cost. Semi-custom tabulations are prepared on a full cost-recovery basis. The final price includes all consultation, computer processing and other costs incurred in their development and production.