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Cumulative profile and release components

Modified on August 5, 2008

Major characteristics

Provides a statistical overview of various geographic areas based on a number of detailed variables and/or groups of variables. Release components will be available beginning with the Age and sex release and 'built-upon/appended to' throughout the release cycle. Together they will form the complete cumulative profile (approximately 2,100 data lines).

What's new?

  • Visit the cumulative profile and release components page for a content preview of the tables to be released from the 2006 Census.
  • Census metropolitan area/census agglomeration (CMA/CA) – available free to general public via the Internet.
  • Plan to release the complete cumulative profile for all levels of geography shortly following the last of the eight major releases (i.e., 2nd quarter 2008).
  • Content now better integrated with other profile-type products.


  • Release component available on major days of release, starting with the Age and sex release at the following levels of geography: Canada, province and territory, federal electoral district (FED) (2003 Representation Order), census metropolitan area/census agglomeration (CMA/CA), census division/census subdivision (CD/CSD) and census tract (CT).
  • Release component available following major days of release starting with the Age and sex release: Forward sortation area (FSA), dissemination area (DA), urban area (UA), designated place (DPL).
  • Complete cumulative profile for all levels of geography available shortly following the last of the eight major releases (i.e., May, 2008).
  • Cumulative dissolved census subdivision (CSD) profile (i.e., municipalities that underwent boundary changes/amalgamation between 2001 and 2006) – following the last of the eight major releases (i.e., August 27, 2008).

Internet access

Available for free to all users via the Internet:

  • Census metropolitan area/census agglomeration (CMA/CA).
  • Pre-determined key stakeholders and partners will be provided with varying expanded Internet access privileges in order to obtain lower levels of geography, all geographies and additional format (Beyond 20/20) for free. For this subset, the general public will be directed to the Statistics Canada online catalogue listing to purchase for a fee. Please note that a number of libraries across the country will have expanded Internet access privileges and therefore, access for the general public on site.

Other delivery methods

Various electronic formats (i.e., Beyond 20/20).

Contact Statistics Canada's National Contact Centre.


Release components available from July 17, 2007 through May 29, 2008.

Complete cumulative profile (all levels of geography) available May 29, 2008.

Cumulative dissolved census subdivisions profile available August 27, 2008.

Price/Price range

Some tables are available for free to all users via the Internet, while others are available for a fee (prices vary according to the level of geography and format) – see note above under 'Internet access'.