2011 Census Content Consultation Report

Note to reader

This report presents the findings generated during the 2011 Census content consultation period (April through November 2007).

Each chapter is dedicated to one or more census topics. A summary of the most frequently received remarks by subject and a list of some other areas of interest gives the reader a sense of the wealth and breadth of the input obtained during consultation. A section explaining the importanceFootnote 1 of census data according to participants and a table reporting the distribution of comments by category are also found in each chapter. The follow-up section provides background on the content identified for quantitative testing on May 13, 2008.

Statistics Canada encourages ongoing consultation. Contributions are accepted throughout the census planning cycle and will be considered for 2011 and future censuses where possible.

We have tried to accurately reflect the many thoughts and ideas communicated during the 2011 Census content consultations. The opinions contained in this report, however, are not intended to be a representative portrayal of the views of the broader census user community.

We trust you will find the 2011 Census Content Consultation Report of value.

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