Census farm

Part A - Short definition:

Refers to a farm, ranch or other agricultural operation that produces at least one of the following products intended for sale: crops, livestock, poultry, animal products, greenhouse or nursery products, Christmas trees, mushrooms, sod, honey or bees, and maple syrup products.

Part B - Detailed definition:

A farm, ranch or other agricultural operation producing agricultural products for sale. Also includes: feedlots, greenhouses, mushroom houses and nurseries; farms producing Christmas trees, fur, game, sod, maple syrup or fruit and berries; beekeeping and poultry hatchery operations; operations with alternative livestock (bison, deer, elk, llamas, alpacas, wild boars, etc.) or alternative poultry (ostriches, emus, etc.), when the animal or derived products are intended for sale; backyard gardens if agricultural products are intended for sale; operations involved in boarding horses, riding stables and stables for housing and/or training horses even if no agriculture products are sold. Sales in the previous 12 months are not required, but there must be the intention to sell.

Note: For the Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories only, the definition also includes operations involved in the following:

  • herding wild animals (such as caribou and muskox)
  • breeding sled dogs
  • horse outfitting and rigging
  • harvesting indigenous plants and berries.

Census years:

2011, 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986,Footnote 1 1981,Footnote 1 1976,Footnote 2 1971,Footnote 3 1966,Footnote 3 1961Footnote 3

Reported for:

All farms

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