Knowledge of Official Languages

Part A - Short definition:

Not applicable

Part B - Detailed definition:

Refers to the ability to conduct a conversation in English only, in French only, in both English and French, or in neither English nor French.

Census years:

2011 (100% population), 2006 (1/5 sample), 2001 (1/5 sample), 1996 (1/5 sample), 1991 (1/5 sample), 1986 (1/5 sample), 1981 (1/5 sample), 1971 (1/3 sample)

Reported for:

Total population

Question number(s):

Direct variable: Question 7


English only; French only; Both English and French; Neither English nor French


The official language data are based on the respondent's assessment of his or her ability to speak the two official languages.

This is the same question as in 2006, 2001, 1996 and 1991.

On the French version of all census forms, for all questions in the language module where there is a choice of response available, the order in which the choices appear was modified since 1996 in order to give precedence to the category 'French.' The questions on knowledge of official languages and non-official languages also reflect this change in the actual wording of the questions.

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