Suggested modifications to the Census Program content

Question 3 of the 2016 Census Program Content Consultation Guide asked participants about changes to the existing questions from the 2011 Census of Population or 2011 National Household Survey.Footnote1 Following are some ideas submitted during consultation:

  • For the question on immigrant status (Q. 11), include a sub-question about the admission category of immigration (i.e., economic immigrant, family reunification or refugee).
  • In the education module (Q. 27 to 30), introduce a 'partial completion of college and university' as a response option and ask about college degrees.
  • Include the response category 'online training' to the question on the location of highest level of education attained (Q. 32).
  • Eliminate the question on income (Q. 55) and only use the Canada Revenue Agency administrative taxfiler data as the source for income variables. It was stated that this process would increase data accuracy for the entire population and reduce respondent burden.
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