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User consultation on the 2016 Census ProgramFootnote1 content was iterative. It began with an information gathering exercise conducted as part of the 2016 Census Strategy Project in 2011 and extended to a broader content consultation carried out in the fall of 2012. Input collected from both processes is presented in this report.

Each topic chapter highlights examples of data usesFootnote2 organized according to the categories associated with strength of user need, a dimension found in Step 1 of the 2016 content determination framework.Footnote3 The sections include: (1) legislation and regulation;Footnote4 (2) resource allocation and service delivery; (3) planning, development, monitoring, evaluation and performance reports; (4) research and other uses.

  • Participants may have associated a data use with various strength of user needs categories (cited above). As a result, it is important to note that an example may be found in one or another of the sections, depending on the context.
  • As well, the majority of data applications were reported for multiple Census Program topics. To showcase the breadth of uses submitted, an effort has been made to present a variety in the topic chapters, where possible.
  • A high incidence of multivariate requirements was stated. While the chapters may include references to other Census Program topics and variables, it was not possible to do so in every instance.
  • Lastly, of the legislative and regulatory uses submitted during consultation, approximately 160 acts and regulations indicated an explicit and/or implicit requirement for Census Program data. The designation of explicit and/or implicit was assigned by the participant based on their interpretation of the requirement. It was not ascribed by Statistics Canada.

The results of other Step 1 content determination framework dimensions such as level of geography, suitability of alternative sources, multivariate analysis, comparability across Canada and continuity over time are described in this document following the chapters on new data requirements and suggested modifications for the Census Program.

The findings of the 2016 Census Program content consultation summarized in this report are shaped by the diversity of participants, the varying specificity of the input received, the differences in participation across regions and within organizations, as well as the consultation instruments (see Appendix B for details on responses, limitations and factors to consider). Consequently, the conclusions presented in this report do not extend to the entire user community.

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