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Generation Status (6), Household type of person (9), Age (12) and Sex (3) for the Population in Private Households of Canada, Provinces and Territories, Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2016 Census - 25% Sample Data

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This table details generation status , household type of person , age and sex for the population in private households in Montréal
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Generation status (6) Household type of person (9)
Total - Household type of person Persons in one-census-family households without additional persons In a couple census family without children (no other persons present in the household) In a couple census family with children (no other persons present in the household) In a lone-parent census family (no other persons present in the household) Persons in multigenerational householdsFootnote 1 Persons in other census family householdsFootnote 2 Persons in two-or-more-person non-census-family households Persons living alone (one-person households)
Total - Generation statusFootnote 3 4,009,790 2,947,235 772,555 1,742,675 432,010 158,605 168,210 165,630 570,110
First generationFootnote 4 1,025,700 723,785 176,790 454,725 92,275 59,845 57,615 51,595 132,855
Second generationFootnote 5 651,190 514,920 59,410 363,115 92,390 37,370 26,360 16,425 56,110
Both parents born outside Canada 417,670 333,400 28,740 246,835 57,820 28,205 18,835 8,400 28,825
One parent born outside Canada and one parent born in Canada 233,525 181,520 30,670 116,275 34,570 9,165 7,525 8,025 27,290
Third generation or moreFootnote 6 2,332,905 1,708,530 536,355 924,830 247,340 61,390 84,235 97,610 381,135


Symbol ..

not available for a specific reference period


Symbol ...

not applicable


Symbol x

suppressed to meet the confidentiality requirements of the Statistics Act


Symbol F

too unreliable to be published



Footnote 1

In households where there is at least one person living with a child and a grandchild.

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Footnote 2

In households that are not multigenerational where there is one census family with additional persons or more than one census family.

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Footnote 3

For more information on generation status variables, including information on their classifications, the questions from which they are derived, data quality and their comparability with other sources of data, please refer to the Place of Birth, Generation Status, Citizenship and Immigration Reference Guide, Census of Population, 2016.

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Footnote 4

'First generation' includes persons who were born outside Canada. For the most part, these are people who are now, or once were, immigrants to Canada.

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Footnote 5

'Second generation' includes persons who were born in Canada and had at least one parent born outside Canada. For the most part, these are the children of immigrants.

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Footnote 6

'Third generation or more' includes persons who were born in Canada with both parents born in Canada.

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Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population, Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-400-X2016236.

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