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Dwellings Occupied by Usual Residents and Population in Dwellings (6) of Canada, Provinces and Territories, Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2016 Census - 100% Data

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Dwellings occupied by usual residents and population in dwellings (6) Values
Total - Dwellings occupied by usual residents 9,870
Private dwellings occupied by usual residents Footnote 1 9,820
Collective dwellings occupied by usual residents Footnote 2 55
Total - Population in dwellings Footnote 3 35,920
Population in private dwellings 35,580
Population in collective dwellings 340


Footnote 1

'Private dwelling occupied by usual residents' refers to a private dwelling in which a person or a group of persons is permanently residing. Also included are private dwellings whose usual residents are temporarily absent on May 10, 2016.

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Footnote 2

'Collective dwelling' refers to a dwelling of a commercial, institutional or communal nature. It may be identified by a sign on the premises or by an enumerator speaking with the person in charge, a resident, a neighbour, etc. Included are lodging or rooming houses, hotels, motels, tourist establishments, nursing homes, hospitals, staff residences, military bases, work camps, jails, group homes, and so on.

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Footnote 3

Population in dwellings excludes persons residing outside Canada on government, military or diplomatic postings.

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Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population, Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-400-X2016012.

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