Data tables, 2016 Census

Housing Suitability (3), Tenure (4), Number of Persons per Room (3), Number of Rooms and Number of Bedrooms (12), Household Type Including Census Family Structure (9) and Household Size (8) for Private Households of Canada, Provinces and Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions, 2016 Census - 25% Sample Data

About this variable: Number of rooms and number of bedrooms (12)



'Rooms' refers to enclosed areas within a private dwelling which are finished and suitable for year round living. The number of rooms in a private dwelling includes kitchens, bedrooms and finished rooms in the attic or basement. The number of rooms in a private dwelling excludes bathrooms, halls, vestibules and rooms used solely for business purposes. Partially divided rooms are considered to be separate rooms if they are considered as such by the respondent (e.g., L-shaped dining-room and living-room arrangements).


'Bedrooms' refers to rooms in a private dwelling that are designed mainly for sleeping purposes even if they are now used for other purposes, such as guest rooms and television rooms. Also included are rooms used as bedrooms now, even if they were not originally built as bedrooms, such as bedrooms in a finished basement. Bedrooms exclude rooms designed for another use during the day such as dining rooms and living rooms even if they may be used for sleeping purposes at night. By definition, one-room private dwellings such as bachelor or studio apartments have zero bedrooms.


  1. Total - Number of rooms and number of bedrooms
  2. 1 to 4 rooms
  3. 5 rooms
  4. 6 rooms
  5. 7 rooms
  6. 8 or more rooms
  7. Average number of rooms per dwelling
  8. No bedroom
  9. 1 bedroom
  10. 2 bedrooms
  11. 3 bedrooms
  12. 4 or more bedrooms
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