Data products, 2016 Census

These 2016 Census products provide statistical information about the population, age and sex, type of dwelling, families, households and marital status, language, income, immigration and ethnocultural diversity, housing, Aboriginal peoples, education, labour, journey to work, language of work and mobility and migration, as measured in the census program.

Census Profile

The Census Profile provides a statistical overview of various geographic areas based on a number of detailed variables.

Highlight tables

These tables provide information highlights by topic via key indicators for various levels of geography.

Focus on Geography Series

This series provides quick access to key results from the census at different levels of geography.

Data tables

These tables present a portrait of Canada based on the various census topics. They range in complexity and are available for various levels of geography.

Census Program Data Viewer

The Census Program Data Viewer (CPDV) is a new web-based data visualization tool that will make statistical information more interpretable by presenting key indicators in a statistical dashboard.

Aboriginal Population Profile

The Aboriginal Population Profile from the 2016 Census provides information on the Aboriginal identity population.

Census Profile Standard Error Supplement, Canada, provinces, territories, census divisions (CDs) and aggregate dissemination areas (ADAs), 2016 Census

The standard error for each long-form estimate is available with the standard Census Profile data for a selected ADA and its corresponding geographical hierarchies.

Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs)

Individuals File

The 2016 Census Individuals File PUMF represents a sample of the Canadian population and provides access to individual records which have been anonymized. It is a comprehensive social, demographic and economic database about Canada and its people and includes a wealth of information on population characteristics.

Hierarchical File

The 2016 Census Hierarchical File PUMF provides access to non-aggregated data covering a sample of 1% of the Canadian households. It is a comprehensive social, demographic and economic database about Canada and its people and contains a wealth of characteristics on the population. The file enables the study of individuals in relation to their census families, economic families and households.

Data collaboration

Selected 2016 Census data: COVID-19 supplement

Statistics Canada, in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Natural Resources Canada, is presenting selected Census data to help inform Canadians on the public health risk of the COVID-19 pandemic and to be used for modelling analysis.

Core housing need

Statistics Canada, in collaboration with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), presents information on 'core housing need.'

Data visualization

The following interactive data products assist in the interpretation of census data by putting it in a visual context.

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