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Non-standard geographic name
Place name Corresponding census subdivision (CSD)
Golden Ridge Aberdeen (Parish), New Brunswick
Goldenburgh Algoma, Unorganized, North Part (Unorganized), Ontario
Golden Ridge Beaver River No. 622 (Rural municipality), Saskatchewan
Golden Beach Bracebridge (Town), Ontario
Golden Bay Brokenhead (Rural municipality), Manitoba
Golden Oak Cove Cartier (Rural municipality), Manitoba
Golden Hill East Hawkesbury (Township), Ontario
Golden Shore Hastings Highlands (Municipality), Ontario
Golden Vale Insinger No. 275 (Rural municipality), Saskatchewan
Goldenvale Insinger No. 275 (Rural municipality), Saskatchewan
Golden Glen Estates Lac Ste. Anne County (Municipal district), Alberta
Golden Horseshoe Trailer Park Lincoln (Town), Ontario
Golden Lake North Algona Wilberforce (Township), Ontario
Golden Acres Parkland County (Municipal district), Alberta
Golden Spike Parkland County (Municipal district), Alberta
Golden Valley Parry Sound, Unorganized, Centre Part (Unorganized), Ontario
Golden Red Lake (Municipality), Ontario
Golden Grove Saint John (City), New Brunswick
Goldenville St. Mary's (Municipal district), Nova Scotia
Golden City Timmins (City), Ontario
Golden Acres Toronto (City), Ontario
Golden Stream WestLake-Gladstone (Municipality), Manitoba
Goldenhorn Whitehorse, Unorganized (Unorganized), Yukon

Information about geographic levels

The Census Dictionary provides more information about geographic levels.

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