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Corresponding census subdivisions are provided for the following place names where data is not available.

Non-standard geographic name
Place name Corresponding census subdivision (CSD)
St. Pauls Barrie (City), Ontario
St.Paul River Bonne-Espérance (Municipalité), Quebec
St. Paul Junction Edmonton (City), Alberta
St. Pauls Station Perth South (Township), Ontario
St. Paul's Station Perth South (Township), Ontario
St. Paul Pictou, Subd. B (Subdivision of county municipality), Nova Scotia
St. Pauls Pictou, Subd. C (Subdivision of county municipality), Nova Scotia
St. Pauls Saint-Paul (Parish), New Brunswick
St. Paul des Métis St. Paul (Town), Alberta
St. Paul Beach St. Paul County No. 19 (Municipal district), Alberta

Information about geographic levels

The Census Dictionary provides more information about geographic levels.

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