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Non-standard geographic name
Place name Corresponding census subdivision (CSD)
Richmond Park Athabasca County (Municipal district), Alberta
Richmond Bayham (Municipality), Ontario
Richmond Park Brandon (City), Manitoba
Richmond Calgary (City), Alberta
Richmond Cumberland, Subd. D (Subdivision of county municipality), Nova Scotia
Richmond Hill Estates Grande Prairie County No. 1 (Municipal district), Alberta
Richmond Greater Napanee (Town), Ontario
Richmond Lot 14 (Township and royalty), Prince Edward Island
Richmond Ottawa (City), Ontario
Richmond Corner Richmond (Parish), New Brunswick
Richmond Settlement Richmond (Parish), New Brunswick
Richmond Richmond, Subd. B (Subdivision of county municipality), Nova Scotia
Richmond Saskatoon (City), Saskatchewan
Richmond Heights Saskatoon (City), Saskatchewan
Richmond Lakes Winnipeg (City), Manitoba
Richmond West Winnipeg (City), Manitoba
Richmond Yarmouth (Municipal district), Nova Scotia
Richmond Road Yarmouth (Municipal district), Nova Scotia

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