Dictionary, Census of Population, 2016
Other language(s) spoken regularly at home

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'Other language(s) spoken regularly at home' refers to the languages, if any, that the person speaks at home on a regular basis at the time of data collection, other than the language or languages he or she speaks most often at home.

Statistical unit(s)



Language(s) of Person 2016
Collapsed - Language(s) of Person 2016

Reported in

2016 and 2011 (100% data); 2006 and 2001 (20% sample).

Reported for

Total population

Question number(s)

Direct variable: Question 8 b)


See Figures 3.3, 3.3A, 3.3B, 3.3C and 3.3D.


Until the 2001 Census, the question asked individuals for the language spoken most often at home, which now represents part a) of the question that has been asked since 2001. Part b) on other languages spoken on a regular basis at home has been added since the 2001 Census. This was done in order to reflect a more complete picture of the linguistic situation of Canadian households.

When comparing 2016 Census data on home language with data from 1996 or before, only the language spoken most often at home is to be used since, before the 2001 Census, there was no question asked regarding other languages spoken on a regular basis.

For more information on language variables, including information on their classifications, the questions from which they are derived, data quality and their comparability with other sources of data, please refer to the Languages Reference Guide, Census of Population, 2016.

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