Products and services, Census of Population, 2016
Reference materials

Release and Concepts Overview

This product presents an overview of the concepts, definitions and key indicators as well as the planned product line for each major release topic. It is available a few weeks prior to each of the major releases in HTML and PDF formats. The Release and Concepts Overview series helps partners, stakeholders and other data users to better understand the information being released.

Guide to the Census of Population

The Guide to the Census of Population, 2016 is a reference document that describes the various phases of the census. It provides an overview of 2016 Census content determination, sampling design, collection, data processing, data quality assessment, confidentiality guidelines and dissemination. It also includes response rates and other data quality information. This product may be useful to both new and experienced users who wish to familiarize themselves with or find specific information about the 2016 Census of Population. The Guide to the Census of Population, 2016 combines information previously available in the Overview of the Census, the National Household Survey User Guide and the Data Quality and Confidentiality Standards and Guidelines from 2011.

Dictionary, Census of Population

The Dictionary, Census of Population, 2016 is a reference document which contains detailed definitions of 2016 Census of Population concepts, variables and geographic terms, as well as historical information. By referring to the Dictionary, both beginner and intermediate data users gain a better understanding of the data and how to compare variables between census years. The Dictionary is released as an HTML document iteratively, starting with geography definitions on November 16, 2016 with additional content added with subsequent topic releases.

Reference guides

The reference guides provide information specific to a topic, enabling users to effectively use, apply and interpret data from the 2016 Census of Population. Each guide contains explanations of census concepts for that topic, as well as related data quality notes and information on historical comparability. Reference guides are released with each topic release in HTML and PDF formats, beginning with the Type of dwelling topic release on May 3, 2017.

Technical reports

The three technical reports, released after the data from the 2016 Census are disseminated, are aimed at moderate and sophisticated users who seek to fully understand the intricacies of the census. Each stand-alone report is available in HTML and PDF formats, and examines a different aspect of the census:

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