Census Profile, 2021 Census of Population
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Census profiles are available for over 75,000 standard census geographies. To find a profile for a geography of interest, users can search by place name, postal code or geographic code.

Search by place name

Users may search full or partial names of a geography of interest. Search text is not case sensitive. Results will be found for any geography that contains the search text. For example, a search for "bay" would show results for "Bay Bulls," "Little Bay Islands" and "Alert Bay."

For more information on place names, see 2021 Census Dictionary: Place name (PN).

For more information on standard census geographies, see Table 1.1 Geographic areas by province and territory, 2021 Census and Figure 1.1 Hierarchy of standard geographic areas for dissemination, 2021 Census.

Search by postal codeOM or forward sortation area©

Users may search for a geography using a six-character postal codeOM (e.g., "K1A 0T6" or "K1A0T6") or a three-character forward sortation area© (e.g., "K1A"). Search by postal code will return a list of geographies that contain the postal code.

For more information on postal codesOM, see 2021 Census Dictionary: Postal codeOM.

For more information on forward sortation areas©, see 2021 Census Dictionary: Forward sortation area (FSA)©.

Canada Post Corporation provides a service to find a postal code by searching a street address, rural route, PO box or general delivery.

Postal code is an official mark of Canada Post Corporation.
This data includes information copied with permission from Canada Post Corporation.

Search by geographic code

Users may search by exact Unique Identifier (Uid) or by the Dissemination Geography Unique Identifier (DGUID). No partial matches are identified.

For more information on geographic codes, see 2021 Census Dictionary: Dissemination Geography Unique Identifier (DGUID) and Dissemination Geography Unique Identifier: Definition and Structure.

Example of geographic descriptions and geographic codes for standard census geographic levels
Geographic level Geography description Geographic codes
Province or territory Ontario 35 2021A000235
Census metropolitan area/census agglomeration (CMA/CA) Ottawa-Gatineau (CMA) 505 2021S0503505
Federal electoral district (FED) Ottawa Centre 35075 2013A000435075
Census division (CD) Ottawa 3506 2021A00033506
Census subdivision (CSD) Ottawa (City) 3506008 2021A00053506008
Economic region (ER) Ottawa 3510 2021S05003510
Designated place (DPL) Madawaska 350023 2021A0006350023
Population centre (POPCTR) Kanata 0399 2021S05100399
Census tract (CT) 0045.00 5050045.00 2021S05075050045.01
Aggregate dissemination area (ADA) 0045 35060045 2021S051635060045
Dissemination area (DA) 1872 35061872 2021S051235061872
Forward sortation area (FSA)© K1A K1A 2021A0011K1A
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