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Note: Currently available products can be accessed through Reference materials, 2021 Census.

Guide to the Census of Population

This document provides an overview of the Census of Population content determination, collection, processing, data quality assessment and data dissemination. Useful for users who wish to familiarize themselves with and find specific information about the census.

Availability1: Fall 2021. Updates on selected release days according to the release schedule.

Reference guides

These guides focus on individual census topics and provide information that enables users to effectively use, apply and interpret data from the 2021 Census. They contain definitions and explanations of concepts, classifications, data quality and comparability to other sources. Additional information is included for specific variables to help general users better understand the concepts and questions used in the census.

Availability1: Spring 2022.

Census Dictionary

The Census Dictionary contains detailed definitions of Census of Population concepts, variables, and geographic terms, as well as historical information. By referring to the Census Dictionary, data users will gain a better understanding of the data and how to compare variables between census years.

Availability1: Fall 2021.

Technical reports

The three technical reports are aimed at moderate and sophisticated users who seek to fully understand the intricacies of the census. Each stand-alone report examines a different aspect of the census.

Availability1: Available after all major releases listed in the release schedule are completed.

Feature comparison

Reference materials: Feature comparison
Feature Guide to the Census of Population Reference guides Census Dictionary Technical reports
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