Upcoming releases, 2021 Census of Population

The seven major thematic releases and the subsequent cluster releases for the 2021 Census of Population have concluded.

The following table provides a high-level overview of any further upcoming planned releases. The product list and dates are subject to change. The list will be updated periodically to provide the latest release plans.

Upcoming releases
Season/Year to be released Product title Estimated/Planned release date
Fall 2024 Additional reference material TBD
Fall 2024 2026 Census of Population Dissemination Consultation Results: What we heard from Canadians TBD

For a full listing of already released products, refer to Census releases. For inquires about the census release strategy, please contact us at statcan.censusconsultation-consultationrecensement.statcan@statcan.gc.ca.

Refer to The road to the 2026 Census to explore milestones along the road to the 2026 Census. Find upcoming dates for key indicators via Statistics Canada's The Daily release schedule.

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