This report was written by Linda Howatson-Leo and Julie Trépanier from the Census Management Office at Statistics Canada, co-managers of the 2016 Census Strategy Project. It was prepared in the fall of 2011 and reflects the situation as of December 2011.

The authors were able to depend on sound advice from Rosemary Bender, Louis Marc Ducharme, Connie Graziadei and Peter Morrison, assistant chief statisticians and members of the project's Steering Committee, as well as Jane Badets, Marc Hamel, John Kovar and Jean-Pierre Simard, directors general and members of the project's Advisory Committee. The report was also submitted to six international experts, Len Cook, Jean-Michel Durr, Bettina Knauth, Doug Norris, Eric Schulte-Nordholt and Daniel Weinberg, and to a subcommittee of the National Statistics Council which included Monica Boyd, Ivan Fellegi, Céline Le Bourdais, Anthony Masi, Ian McKinnon, William Robson and Douglas Willms. Furthermore, the preparation of this report would not have been possible without the input from numerous divisions within Statistics Canada. We thank all of them for their valuable comments.

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