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Release date: February 9, 2022

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Hello and welcome to the online census geography video!

This video is one of a series of videos related to census geography in the context of the activities of the 2021 Census and previous censuses. The objective of this video is to help users at all levels quickly understand key information derived from data with the help of powerful and dynamic tools like GeoSuite, GeoSearch and the Census Program Data Viewer.

Census of population

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Concept videos: Census geographic visualization tools - Transcription

(The Statistics Canada symbol and "Canada" wordmark appear on screen with the title: "Concept videos: Census geographic visualization tools".)

Hello and welcome to the fourth video of the geography online program! In this video, we will present the different census geographic data visualization tools available from Statistics Canada.

(A map of Canada, populated with persons, appears on the screen.)

The Census of Population collects data on the entire Canadian population.

Since the amount of data collected is increasing, Statistics Canada has developed census geographic data visualization tools to help users understand the information drawn from these data. The purpose of these products is to communicate a message quickly, simplify the presentation of large amounts of data, determine trends and relationships in the data, and monitor changes in the variables over time.

First, "GeoSuite" is a powerful search tool based on the standard geographic areas of the Census of Population.

(An image showing the "GeoSuite" page from the census website appears on the screen.)

With this tool, users can search for data, explore links between geographic levels using the interactive hierarchy, get information about the geographic areas and produce data in table form. The available data include population and dwelling counts from the most recent census; land area; geographic codes; area names; and in some cases representative point coordinates and population and dwelling counts from the previous census.

Next, "GeoSearch" is an interactive mapping application that makes it easier to find geographic areas in Canada for which census data are available.

(An image showing the "GeoSearch" page from the census website appears on the screen.)

This tool can be used to view these areas on a map and to get the basic geographic information and demographic data they contain. To target a specific location, the user can select from the map or search by place name or postal code. "GeoSearch" automatically shows the type of geographic areas and the relationship between the various areas. It also establishes links with other census products, such as the "Census Profile" and "Highlight Tables."

Lastly, the "Census Program Data Viewer" is a state-of-the-art web-based data visualization tool that makes it easier to interpret statistical data by presenting key indicators as a statistical dashboard.

(An image showing the "Census Program Data Viewer" page from the census website appears on the screen.)

The "Census Program Data Viewer" helps locate many places in Canada, displays them on a thematic map, and presents basic geographic and sociodemographic data about them. It allows users to easily compare indicator values for various locations and better determine the relationships between them.

This concludes the fourth video on Statistics Canada’s census geographic visualization tools.

(The census logo appears with a link, which is also available to view here: Census of population.)

For more detailed information about concepts, variables, methodology, historical comparability and more, please refer to the Statistics Canada census web pages.

(The "Canada" wordmark appears. ISBN: 978-0-660-41417-1)

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