2011 National Household Survey: Data tables

Housing Tenure Including Presence of Mortgage and Subsidized Housing (7), Shelter-cost-to-income Ratio (5A) and Household Type (9) for Owner and Tenant Households in Non-farm, Non-reserve Private Dwellings of Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions, 2011 National Household Survey

About this variable: Household type (9)


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  1. Total - Household type Footnote 1
  2. Census-family households
  3. One-family-only households Footnote 3
  4. Couple-family households Footnote 4
  5. Without children
  6. With children
  7. Lone-parent-family households
  8. Other family households Footnote 8
  9. Non-census-family households


Footnote 1

Household type - Refers to the basic division of private households into family and non-family households. Family household refers to a household that contains at least one census family, that is, a married couple with or without children, or a couple living common law with or without children, or a lone parent living with one or more children (lone-parent family). One-family household refers to a single census family (with or without other persons) that occupies a private dwelling. Multiple-family household refers to a household in which two or more census families (with or without additional persons) occupy the same private dwelling. Family households may also be divided based on the presence of persons not in a census family.

Non-family household refers to either one person living alone in a private dwelling or to a group of two or more people who share a private dwelling, but who do not constitute a census family.

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Footnote 3

Refers to households that consist solely of one census family without additional persons.

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Footnote 4

Refers to households with opposite-sex or same-sex couples.

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Footnote 8

Refers to one-census-family households with additional persons and multiple-census-family households with or without additional persons.

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