NHS Profile – Download NHS data for a complete geographic level: CSV or TAB

Data source

2011 National Household Survey

NHS topics included

These download files include information on the following NHS topics:

  • Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity
  • Aboriginal Peoples
  • Education and labour
  • Mobility and migration
  • Income and housing

Download a compressed CSV (comma-separated values) file or a compressed TAB (tab-separated values) file for all geographies from a selected geographic level.

 Information regarding available file formats

Select a geography and a file type (CSV or TAB)
A table showing form radio buttons and files size for compressed CSV and TAB file formats for each geographic level available for download.
Geographic level File formatFootnote 1 (compressed)
CSV (comma-separated values) TAB (tab-separated values)
Canada, provinces and territories
Census divisions
Census subdivisions
Census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations
Census tracts
Federal electoral districts (2003 Representation Order)
Federal electoral districts (2013 Representation Order)
Health regions (December 2013)
Empty cell


Footnote 1

Some of the data sets are large and require special consideration during processing in order to successfully make use of them. For example, some data files may exceed the row limitations for various spreadsheet software.

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