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Data products

These products provide statistical information about the population, households, dwellings, families, immigration and ethnocultural diversity, Aboriginal peoples, education and labour, mobility and migration, language of work, income and housing as measured in the census program.


2011 Census Profile: Provides a statistical overview of various geographic areas based on a number of detailed variables.

2011 NHS Profile: profile presents information from the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) for various levels of geography.

2011 NHS Aboriginal Population Profile: presents information on the Aboriginal identity population from the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS).

Highlight tables

2011 Census Highlight tables: Provide information highlights by topic via key indicators for various levels of geography.


2011 Census Topic-based tabulations: Present a portrait of Canada based on the various census topics. They range in complexity and are available for various levels of geography.

2011 NHS Data tables: provide statistical information about people in Canada by their demographic, social and economic characteristics as well as provide information about the housing units in which they live.

Focus on Geography Series

2011 Census Focus on Geography Series: Provides quick access to key results from the census at different levels of geography.

2011 NHS Focus on Geography Series: Focusing on a selected geographic area, this product presents data highlights for each of the major releases of the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS). These data highlights are presented through text, tables and figures.

Data visualization

2011 Visual Census: Facilitates the analysis and comparison of the changing demographic and socio composition of selected geographic areas across Canada.

2011 Census Data NavigatorDiscontinued: Allows the user to navigate through Canada, provinces, territories, census divisions and census subdivisions to obtain population and dwelling counts from the 2011 Census.

Historical age pyramid (1921 to 2011): The age structure of Canada, provinces and territories over time.

Comparison age pyramid (2006 and 2011): Allows the user to compare the age structure of two different levels of geography; Canada, provinces, territories, census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations.

2011 NHS Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs)

Individuals File: This individuals file provides data on the characteristics of the population and allow the study of relationship between different variables like education and labour market outcome.

Hierarchical File: This PUMF product provides access to non-aggregated data covering a sample of 1% of the Canadian households. It is a comprehensive social, demographic and economic database about Canada and its people and contains a wealth of characteristics on the population.

Note: Statistics Canada encourages the downloading and reuse of its data. Full dataset downloads are available through selected data products or via Census Datasets. Please note that the high volume harvesting of data using data scraping techniques or automated crawlers which do not conform to industry best practices cannot be supported. When such activity is detected, continued access to our online content will be denied. If you require assistance or for further information please Contact us.

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