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Welcome to the Small Business Hub—a resource to help existing and aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs plan and run their enterprises. Statistics Canada is committed to using its resources to help the small business community better understand the country's population and society, as well as the context in which businesses operate.

You can start by finding information about the general Canadian population, then tailor your data search to your specific geographic region to better understand your target market.

The most recent Census of Population was conducted in May 2021, and major data releases will be unveiled throughout 2022 and 2023. The census data resources in the Small Business Hub will continue to be updated to ensure business owners have access to the latest and most accurate demographic data.

Data from the 2021 Census is available now, explore how our Canadian population has shifted over time! Do you have any questions? Do you need help interpreting our data products? Get in touch—we are here to help!

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Census data and your business

Goldy Hyder: The Importance of the 2021 Census (Video)

"Businesses are in the business of knowing their customer, and the Census makes that possible."

—Goldy Hyder, President and CEO
Business Council of Canada

Canada's business community looks to data from the 2021 Census for accurate, reliable and up-to-date information. Insights from the 2021 Census help our business leaders learn more about the current status of the Canadian population: including details about their age, income, education, language, family, household and marital status. Businesses use census data to inform a variety of vital decisions: from staffing, distribution channels and market expansion. This data helps businesses identify and understand their customers and forecast their future needs.

With a better understanding of who their customers are, businesses are attuned to their needs and they can deliver the products and services that Canadians can rely on. By making informed decisions using 2021 Census data, business leaders continue to drive Canada's economic success.

Data releases from the 2021 Census has already begun. Be sure to check out the 2021 Census page for available data, and our planned release schedule.

Spotlight profiles

As Statistics Canada is continuing to release 2021 Census data throughout 2022, detailed demographic insights are to be gained into who Canadians are, where they live, work and play. Equipped with Statistics Canada’s data tools and resources, small business owners and entrepreneurs can be confident that they are making informed decisions to establish or grow their business.

Below, you can learn about how our Canadian small business community can use insights from the 2021 Census to sustain their enterprise. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight stories from Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs nationwide.

Explore your business environment

Canada at a glance

Are you interested in starting a business, but not sure where to begin? Statistics Canada’s GeoSearch, an interactive mapping application, provides a visual overview of each region in Canada for which census data are available. Explore and compare regions of interest, and see key demographic information at a glance. Associated data products, analytical products and maps are also provided so that you can dive in for more information.


GeoSearch interactive map

Understand your target market

Each population group has unique characteristics. By using our dynamic search tool to explore your geographic region of interest, you will be able to develop a better understanding of the traits that characterize the people living in your target area. This will also allow you to better understand your potential customers.


Dynamic search tool for 2021 Census data

Data consultation services

If you want to develop a more nuanced perspective with our data products, we offer custom and semi-custom services to help you package our data in alternate formats.


Custom services, 2021 Census

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